Thursday, November 19, 2009

Magical Earth ...

Where Fairies Dwell - by Anne VisThis past weekend there was an Earthshift class with vortexhealing® in London. Knor had been begging for weeks we go there, since she wanted to play with the fairies! :-)
The purpose of the class was to clear Gaia of the film of human consciousness that was covering her. This film made it difficult to get a real connection to nature. Now that it is gone everyone should be able to get a more direct and natural connection to trees, plants, animals and even buildings!
So I wonder if you can feel that, let me know!

We got a device installed in our third eye to be able to see with fairies' eyes.
In my case this resulted more in hearing giggling and rustling of leaves as well as pieces of music drifting in and out ... quite magical indeed ...

The artwork you can see here is called "
Where Fairies Dwell ..." and is as of today available in our online gallery.


Susanne49 said...

Very nice and vivid colors Anne!

Sandy said...

wow, this is gorgeous.