Thursday, December 24, 2009

Listen ...

Merry Christmas!Knor just loves my latest efforts to learn to play keyboard. In addition to the fun of stepping on a regular computer keyboard, she now also gets the sound effects! :-)
And what is more fun on Christmas Eve than to learn how to play Silent Night ... :-)
Unfortunately our play is not up to a standard that I can let you hear what we are doing yet ... :-)

I have been meditating several hours a day lately and it is listening to my heart that resonates with the music ...
And this is a good time to listen to our hearts ... (always!!!)
Anyway, we hope you are warm and safe and wish you a beautiful and heartwarming time! :-)


Susanne49 said...

This is such a wonderful, beautiful picture Anne! I got almost lost looking into it for a while. It was like the picture was hypnotizing me :)
But it was a nice and warm feeling!

I wish you too many happy hours and a lot of quality time doing what you like to do, enjoy life!

Happy new years, Annie and stay warm... :)

Sue's Daily Photography

Anonymous said...

Yes - if we take the time to listen - we can hear it, the heart of the Universe beating away.

I have some wind chimes and I love to just sit and meditate with the occasional chime going and I hear the sound reverberating into the air - magical.

Wishing you a wonderful New Year!