Friday, January 23, 2009

Freedom of Speech

Candle Light by Anne VisThe events in our world are a reflection of where we are spiritually ... At least that is how I perceive it.
And I don't feel like a celebration is in order lately.
If we already are experiencing a police state, where you need to give fingerprints for entering a bar and cannot take your toothpaste on board of a plane, things are spinning out of control ... here in the Netherlands, but I think also world wide.

A woman who had carried a poster with the same text as I had on my poster in the demonstrations for freedom for Palestine, got arrested and is facing a court trial ...

Tensions between islam and the authentic population of the Netherlands are increasing, and almost as bad as in France, if not the same. Of course Theo van Gogh got murdered for criticizing islam, but now
Geert Wilders also faces a court trial for stating his opinion. I don't follow every word he says, but I must say I have never heard him say anything that would be a call for hatred.

Everyone who reads religious texts, knows that there are many calls for violence and history teaches that most of the wars on the planet have been caused by religions. It does not really matter which religion you take. From all religions I read somewhere that the Buddhists are most peaceful.

A friend of mine is teacher and she told me today she has one 4-year old (!) in the class who just arrived from Morocco and does not speak the Dutch language, but has already within one week managed to teach the entire class of preschoolers to kick each others heads in ... (just to illustrate what is happening on the ground)

In my neighborhood there are mainly arabic (islamic) women. When I go to the supermarket, I see only women with scarves. I don't speak arabic (only shukran, habibi (thank you, sweetheart), which does not get me very far ... :-))),
and I don't have much contact with them other than a short word in the stores. It may say more about being Dutch than anything else ... But I do remember times not so long ago, when there were "authentic Amsterdam people" crowding the streets. Contacts with them were mainly on the market: I used to return with cramps in my belly from laughing with them ... every week! :-)

I think one of the characteristics of people from Amsterdam from the older generation was their big heart: everyone was welcome, regardless of where you came from or what your background was.
That's why I felt so welcome in the first place in Amsterdam.

I think maybe it was a matter of too many foreigners in a too short time frame ... and we as Dutch are responsible for allowing that to happen ... just as today we are allowing to happen that any form of criticism against any religion or other groups in society is called hatred ...
If we cannot talk about these things, how are we going to manage to solve differences?

I hope the inspiration that Obama means for so many of us, will also have it's ripple out effect on the Netherlands ... hope ...

Candle Light by Anne Vis

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Facing Reality

As the dust settles in Gaza, the true stories are coming out to face the light .. and it is not for the faint-hearted ... The British Medical Journal published an article on the use of new and extremely nasty weapons by the israelis. Doctors have seen very brutal amputations ... This and the illegal use of white phosphorus, is backed by Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the UN.
Of course the israelis claim all these organizations are in a
conspiracy against the israeli territories.
They have filed an investigation ... and as somebody commented on an article: like asking the Nazis to investigate the Holocaust ...

Art: Web of Life by Anne Vis.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Love is in the air! :-)

While inside I am creating new Valentine cards, outside the knors are singing their love songs ... which means that we will soon have baby knors!!! :-) Can't wait!

Friday, January 16, 2009

A New Vision

Although most stories about the Middle East are kind of predictable, this week I heard a totally refreshing new approach from an unexpected source. Robert Soeterik is the author of 'de Verwoesting van Palestina', a Dutch language book that relates all facts from the very beginning (highly recommended, especially if you do not know much about Palestine). A very knowledgeable man, often interviewed as expert in the field by different television shows. In our conversations I was always the radical one and he was much more balanced. Robert presented a new and daring vision of the Middle East at a meeting of the Dutch Palestine Committee this week.

Instead of opting for a two-state solution, which has been tried for the last 60 years, Robert Soeterik advocated for a ONE state solution.
Not just an ordinary state and neither a Jewish nor Islamic state.
In my ears it sounded like the land of peace and prosperity that the Indian philosophers talk about as the "Golden Age" and what in New Age world is referred to as the Aquarian Age, beginning in 2012 ...

No, this new state is nothing like we see on the ground at this moment, it is a vision of a state where both Jews and Arabs and others live in peace together. A state not governed by religion, a state of equal rights for all its citizens ... A democratic state ... A state ruled by justice ...

The name is neither israel nor Palestine, it should get an entirely different name.

And I am thrilled to hear this. I have never believed in the two-state solution, always thinking along the lines of a one state solution, except I was going back to Palestine, where peaceful Jews can also live in peace. To hear a highly improved version from someone like Robert gives me great hope that it can be achieved.
With the latest massacre and the knowledge that it is just a disaster waiting to happen again, a new vision is highly needed.
To break this vicious cycle a couple of things are needed:

  • a clear vision of this new country

  • as the israelis will not give up power that easily, BOYCOT, especially a weapon embargo

  • Hamas needs to be included

  • criminals need to be put to justice

I think it starts with the vision:
this is where HOPE comes in ... :-)

Art: In the Morning by Anne Vis

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What's new?

In 1992 an israeli cargo plane went down on the city of Amsterdam. Thousands of people became ill afterwards ... due to the chemicals weapons that were on the plane ...
The Palestinians have been on the receiving end of chemical warfare for a long time and it seldom reaches the news. So yesterday I was quite surprised that the Dutch news announced the use of chemical weapons by the israelis as a current fact. In English language I found
a global research site to cover this news. God knows what other evil stuff they are doing, no journalists being allowed ...

I also found another article, which states that
natural gas may be a factor in this war, just like oil in Iraq. I'm not sure what to think of that, I would expect water to be of more importance. But most of all I think the israelis want to eradicate the Palestinians and then confiscate the land ...

Meantime also watch the
violations of Lebanese airspace, which have been going on for as long as I can remember ... (seems forever ...)

It looks like the israelis are showing their true face ... their ugliness can not be hidden any more ... it is for everyone to see ...
From the perspective of healing, the first thing to do is to recognize that something is wrong and examine it. Just like you would do with an individual, from the perspective of us as world, it starts with recognizing that something is rotten here. And as a surgeon who is soft and not thorough, makes stinking wounds, the same applies here ... We cannot condone the "state of israel" any longer.

On a lighter note: Did you notice that
Happy Smile is back online? Fun games and information on oral health care, as well the Knor movies (bound to make you smile again ... :-)))

Art: "
In the City" by Anne Vis, a tribute to Gaza.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Standing up for yourself

Lately it looks like I am becoming a full-time protester, whether I like it or not.
Yesterday I was for the third time at a board meeting with the local government. I live in an old house on one of Amsterdam's beautiful canals and one of the local project developers wants to tear down the houses on the other side of the canal to build something else that generates more money. As the neighborhood started to get upset and mobilized people in the street, I got involved and found that there is such a nasty obstruction of justice by corrupt and completely uncapable government managers. And again I find myself unable to sit and watch it happen ...

I wonder if it is just Pluto or whether it has something to do with the Reconnection ... I find that I am constantly in situations that require me standing up for myself (and others). We (a group of neighbors and myself) have just had a huge fight with the housing corporation mentioned above over my abusive neighbor, who used to terrorize the entire neighborhood.
Needless to say this has been a nasty war for the last couple of months, finally culminating in my neighbor moving out yesterday ... Thank God!!!
I can't say how happy I am that I will finally be able to sleep at night ...

... And waking up, find myself thinking that I wished the Palestinian people would also wake up in a nice and safe warm bed ... would also be able to have a shower and a good breakfast ... Actually I am thinking things like that all day ... being grateful for what I have and at the same time being very aware of what others are lacking ... Doing as often as I can distance healing for the people of Palestine ...

So the latest developments have been very predictable. An attack at the UN, who is surprised ... The UN, people, that is us - a brutal attack on all people of the world! For those of you who support the israeli terrorists: they have just let you know that they do not care what you think, so you might as well stop your support and choose for instance ... peace? :-)
To update your history knowledge, here is an
article worth reading.

In New Age circles there is finally some reaction and I want to mention
Celia Fenn's article on the Middle East. She talks about the holographic inserts that I also mentioned in my blog after the Obama election.
If it really is an insert, I wonder if that works the same way as the CNN insert: that it may happen as truth in some other place? Anyway, for now it is pretty clear that it is nowhere near enough to keep "dreaming", the Palestinian people need help NOW, what do I say, can it be retrofitted to some 70 years back please ...

Art: The temple of Truth by Anne Vis (sorry, site seems to be down at the moment of posting this article, hopefull back online soon!)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Amsterdam united in Peace

It seems my days are spend on the streets to demonstrate for a free Palestine lately. It's hard to look at the news and see young children covered in blood ... and for what reason?
I have come across many people these days who think it is just two parties quarreling and that it does not affect them.

It is not two equal parties and it does affect everyone on this planet:
The israelis are occupying Palestine and Gaza has been cut off by air, road and sea for many months now.
When you are a witness to a crime and you do not do anything, it means you are accomplice. (...) (Which makes the roles our governments play especially loathsome.)

Walking with thousands of people through the center of Amsterdam today, I got to talk to people from several different organizations, one of them to my surprise being
Share. Share got international fame by Benjamin Creme, who talked about the re-appearance of Maitreya, the world teacher. Mr. Creme has been talking about the collapse of the financial system I think since 1950 or maybe even longer. Nobody took him serious anymore, because nothing happened ... (we thought ...) Nice to see Share at an event like this!

Another thing that came up was the illegitimacy of the "state of israel". The UN has accepted israel as a state under conditions ... And the conditions have never been met, so legally it is not a state ... See
UN security council resolutions.
I found some other links that date back to the beginning of this disaster:
the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and
documents from the
Truman library and museum. (have a look at UN resolution 181.)

Meantime I am still working on the new Happy Smile website on oral health promotion and if I find a spare moment, to create art. Art is really healing, I can feel that so clearly now ... it puts me in an altogether different energy than the demonstrations have. I think the dreamy world of the arts is pointing to where we are headed: a new world with harmony and peace ... Insjallah ...

"The Sensual Tulip" by Anne Vis