Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Living Expo

Magical Dream ... - by Anne VisLast weekend I attended the New Living Expo in San Francisco. This is a large new age trade show, with the latest healing techniques as well as the old and proven ones.

My first stop was at
Robert Currey and his wife Karen Chiarello's booth. They are both very gifted astrologers from the UK. I met them at the same show last year and was impressed with their insights. This time I asked for an astrocartography chart. It confirmed my fear that there really is no place like San Francisco for me anywhere on the planet ... except when I learn to speak arabic and move to Dubai ... and being woman and not very good with authorities ... uhm ... maybe not ... :-)

Another interesting visit was with
David Gibson, who offers sound therapy. I laid down on one of his sound tables with a headset on and it was a truly interesting experience to feel sound as if I had a massage ... Very pleasant ...

The last booth I visited was
Step Forward and I had a very nice visit with Kevin Ekerson, who demonstrated how his orthotics could help me find more balance in my step. Interestingly enough I have lately taken up the hobby of practicing to stand on one foot as I am waiting for buses (which is frequently :-) ... You have no idea how creativity gets stimulated waiting for a bus, I have come up with tons of interesting stuff to do, maybe more in another post :-)) Just let me know if you would like to be included in the list of people for "Bus Blessings" - brief one minute healings at erratic times :-)))

Imagekind has a
Mother's Day sale, for which Abundance ... is still featured!:-) Check it out before May 4!
My newest art, "
Magical Dream ..." is also available at Imagekind.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Creating reality ...

The Waterfall - by Anne VisI knew you would be surprised to find me at a manifesting class ... :-)))
It is very popular these days to "create your own life", in other words: to manifest what you would want to happen. This is based on the belief that you know what is in your (and others) best and highest interest.
That is a very questionable premise.

In my view there must be a higher intelligence that knows about all of creation and how all the parts fit into each other.
This was a class based on theta healing.
One of the things I like about theta healing is that it intends to strengthen connection to source of all that is, God or whatever you want to name it.
Although the way to "go up and find God/Source" is somewhat peculiar in my view, my experience so far is that it works. And then my practical side (that likes to find out what works in daily life and actually releases the suffering) kicks in, which encourages me to explore further.
A lot of the theta healing work is based on clearing negative belief systems. I see this as freeing the way to actually experiencing yourself as part as all that is, instead of having it be some abstract knowledge. (also note the difference between being part of all that is vs being the source of all that is)
Experiencing yourself as part of all that is opens the way to manifesting the most loving and joyful expression of you, thus attracting more of that into your life.
You can probably tell that this most likely is not going to be my last post about this topic ... :-)

On a completely other note:
I have been watching the skies above the San Francisco Bay Area for the last couple of months with increasing disbelief. Almost every day heavy spraying with chemtrails, obscuring the usually clear blue skies. Today was an unusually hot day, in the high eighties. A real summer day you would think ... Until strange clouds started to appear in the already fading sky filled with chemtrails. And to my disbelief, it actually rained here in the evening ... no ordinary rain ...
Who would want to create that???
Let me share a picture of the sun setting over the Golden Gate last Sunday, when the skies where happy ...

Sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge - by Anne Vis

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

FEATURED - my lucky month! :-)

Abundance - by Anne VisI could hardly believe my eyes when I saw that for the third time in one month one of my images is featured on Imagekind! :-)
This is a flower that is growing in one of my neighbor's garden. I was working with it when I suddenly got all these colors, and I really don't know what I did to create that effect. :-) But it seems to me to be such a beautiful expression of the concept of "Abundance" ... :-)

Abundance - by Anne Vis, framed

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Great Song

Under the Surface - by Anne VisYesterday Michael Stillwater held an event in Marin, called Chantwave. Michael is a very gifted musician with an incredible voice.
Unlike your average concert, where you just listen, this is a concert where everyone in the room can join in and sing along. The texts are very spiritual and healing.
I found it also very moving, tears just kept flowing!

From the perspective of a musician life is one big song ... The Great Song, singing through and in all of us ... isn't that beautiful?!

I was thinking about how it touched me so deeply yesterday and think it has to do with me being a visual person: auditory is non-dominant in my system and it could work in such a way that music touches more of the unconscious (like smell does for most people too: remember what that scent of freshly baked apple pie does ...?).
Anyway, if you get a chance: check out Michael Stillwater's work, it is truly incredible! :-)

Under the Surface - by Anne Vis

Friday, April 3, 2009

FEATURED again!!! :-)

Tropical EveningThis morning brought a nice surprise: my artwork is featured again on Imagekind! :-)

(This is link goes to
Imagekind homepage and this one to the featured work).

I'd also like to point out an interesting book that I found yesterday and browsed through:
Art and Physics by Leonard Shlain. It reviews art from the point of physics. I am very interested in surreal art, especially the art by Dalí. Dalí read a lot about physics and had a profound scientific interest.
With string theory a new understanding of the working of our brains becomes evident and Dalí must have understood this already on another level. It comes with holographic imaging,
translated by Dalí in 3D ...