Thursday, May 28, 2009

With love ...

Knor in the window of Aardvark bookstore in San FranciscoThe other day I was in Aardvark bookstore on Church and Market in San Francisco, when my phone rang. I went outside to get it and found that knor had positioned himself quite strategically in the window ... :-)
So of course I had to take some pictures. After a while, I went back into the store to browse some more books. Then I found knor was coming over and demanding attention. So I sat down and knor jumped on my lap and started to purr loudly ... So far so good, but then something quite extraordinay happened:
he put his arms around my neck and kissed me plain on the mouth! :-)
This is called a happy knor-fix! :-)

Knor in the window of Aardvark bookstore in San Francisco
Meantime I am still inspired by the beautiful flowers I saw a couple of days ago:
Dreaming ... - by Anne VisThis image is available at my Imagekind gallery.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Consciousness, brain and change ...

Flow in Joy - by Anne VisI am lately very interested in everything related to brain and consciousness and what constitutes reality. I guess it started with my eye exercises: I literally am taught how to look at things THAT ARE NOT THERE! I know they are not, yet I do see them ... So what does that say about my awareness through my senses ...
The last couple of years a lot of books on brain function have been published.

I was reading a book by Antonio Damasio, a neuroscientist, called "The Feeling of what happens". It quite unexpectedly supported my view that the "now"-theories are basically crap ... (sorry if I am insulting any enthusiastic followers of Tolle here). Damasio describes a difference between core consciousness (basically organized by the more centrally located areas in the brain) and extended consciousness (as located in for instance the frontal lobes). You can live "in the now", which requires a core consciousness ... yet your creativity is not available as it requires the extended consciousness ... which brings in all other factors, like an extended time scale, other dimensions and so forth ...
As an artist (and probably everybody else) of course you want access to all these at all times ...

Damasio also talks about the "ego" as a "sense of self" and that we really cannot do without that "core self" - as he explains it is a sign of disease: "removal of knowing and self without removal of wakefulness places the organism in grave danger - one is then capable of acting without knowing the consequences of one's acts ... the thoughts one generates go unclaimed because the rightful owner is missing ..."
So much for all of us new-agies who want to get rid of their ego. I never quite understood why the ego was so demonized.

Another interesting book is written by Sandra and Matthew Blakeslee, called "The body has a mind of its own". One fascinating aspect (out of many) is the description of a blind painter ...

And think of this one (I forgot where I found that): when an electrode is put to a certain location in the brain, the subject has the experience of floating against the ceiling ... the classic out-of-body description we often hear from people who were in an operation under general anesthesia ... Created just by placing an electrode?

I do not watch television very often lately, but the other day I saw a glimpse of a technical program, which explained how in video technology it is now possible to create a detailed video of somebody with all the authentic mimics of any emotion - and have someone say something that they may have never said ...

Which brings us back to maybe the key to all this: emotion ...
Are we getting to a new understanding of what emotion is and how to liberate ourselves from stuck emotions (in other words: how to free ourselves from unwanted "buttons" ...)?
The interesting aspect is that not only the world around us seems to be more "fluid" than previously thought (referring to string theory, M theory ...), it is also our physical body that is changing and becoming more soft and supple (or "fluid") as stuck energies are removed ... thus allowing us to live in "flow" ...

A Rose ... - by Anne VisMeantime I am really inspired by flowers. A good friend told me I have to market them as "erotic" if I ever intend to sell any of my work ... :-)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Artist's Eye

Imagine ... - by Anne VisI always thought that the expression the "artist's eye" was kind of philosophical. Although every artist would agree that the way you see the world changes after you start working with art.
But I never thought the physical eye of an artist would literally be different!

According to my eye doctor, Dr Larry Jebrock, I have what is called a typical "artist's eye". Where I always thought the eyeball has a convex shape, I discovered that mine is not convex, but has a "wavy" shape. This seems to be very typical for artists.
As mentioned in a previous post, orthokeratology is reshaping the eyeball in order to improve vision. You can imagine that in my case this was quite a job, with the irregular shape of my eye. It took a couple of months, but I now have the lenses for the night that enable me to see both close by and in the distance! :-)

Meantime in San Francisco the Yerba Buena Gardens Festival has started. Thursday night was the start with a fabulous (free) klezmer concert by Kugelplex Klezmer. Also Union Square concerts for the Wednesday evening and Sunday series has started. Summer is here!!! ;-)

Artwork: Imagine ... - by Anne Vis