Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why healing sometimes does not work ...

Filled with Light ... - by Anne Vis
Sometimes I get clients who have read Eric Pearl's book "The Reconnection" and who now come to me demanding I heal them instantly from some serious illness they have ... after all Eric heals "everyone" instantly from anything, is their understanding ...

Apparently they have not fully understood what Eric says, so I try to patiently explain to them that it does not work that way.
They conclude that I "don't believe it works" and they need to see another healer. Which may be better, since I do not like the anger and pressure ... but: I don't think God or universe (whichever you like to call it) likes it either ...

I decided to read Eric's book again lately and found exactly what he thinks about this topic on page 142 of the English language version: "Let me tell you who, if anyone, is least likely to have the fullness of a healing experience. Believe it or not, it's the person who comes in insisting that it has to work - the person who has read every book on the subject and feels they know everything there is to know about it. If there's any one way to interfere with a healing, it's through this kind of attachment, this all-consuming and vested need for it to work."

We don't know the full picture of why we are here and how everything is exactly related to the whole. There can be many reasons why a healing sometimes does not work the way we would like it. And Eric has an impressive record of success which is not always replicated by the healers he trained. Why not? I don't know! It's part of the great mystery of the universe.
Part of the challenge in healing is finding the key to what works for you personally. Reconnective Healing® and the Reconnection® are some of the most powerful ways of healing available in my experience. But if you have a serious health condition I am not going to tell you to do just Reconnective Healing® and stop any medication. That may happen, miracles do happen, but we are all equipped with a brain too, so I always think common sense is good to use.
Another thing to bear in mind is "divine timing". We really don't know anything about that, sometimes a healing can happen much later, when you would already assume it has not worked.
I have noticed that after the Reconnection® it is much easier to attract in my life what I need. It brings back the magic in life. :-)
And you can't force that, you need to gently allow it to come to you ...

One thing that really enhances a healing experience is gratitude. Be grateful for the beautiful healing you are receiving ... :-)
Count your blessings and enjoy!
And who knows what miracles will follow from there ...

Artwork: "
Filled with Light ..." - by Anne Vis

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Reconnective Healing

After the Rain ... - by Anne VisStarting coming Tuesday I will be offering drop-in Reconnective Healing® sessions in bookstore Temple in Amsterdam again, between 4 and 6 PM. A great opportunity to experience what Reconnective Healing® can do for you! :-) Unless announced otherwise, I will be there every Tuesday afternoon. Also personal sessions and the Reconnection® are available again.

Meantime I am still exploring everything related to the brain ... :-). So I had an introduction session in neurofeedback last Thursday.
It was very interesting, as I had never had an EEG myself, even though I practiced as an EEG technician for many years. Happily the technique has advanced a lot and the placing of electrodes on my head did not leave a complete mess with glue and such and it was completely painless ... :-)
I became very emotional somewhere halfway the session (mind you, there is no conversation about "stuff", so this happens "out of the blue"). That was mainly what I felt during the session. Then afterwards I seemed to feel more present and my vision appeared clearer. Later that evening when I saw a good friend, he remarked spontaneously that I was looking very radiant. I definitely think neurofeedback has a lot of potential, so I will continue to explore ...

After the Rain ... - by Anne Vis

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Fun! - by Anne VisI just finished reading "A symphony in the brain" by Jim Robbins, a book that describes the history of neurofeedback. It is absolutely fascinating and inspiring to read. The stories in the world of science are so human and sometimes heartbreaking and it is quite miraculous how certain theories or methods eventually reach the mainstream public. The book reads like a detective and I had difficulty putting it down ...

Neurofeedback has a lot of different methodologies nowadays, I found at least five different ways in which neurofeedback is done (searching on the internet). Many of them are described in Robbins' book and all methods claim to have a huge percentage of success in an incredibly long list of diseases. Among the disorders neurofeedback works for are ADHD, depression, migraine, post traumatic stress disorder, trauma on the head and so forth ...
To me reason enough to explore it, as pharmaceuticals have so many side effects and do not really "cure" anything.

Last year I went to an introduction at the
Neurofeedback Institute (link is Dutch) in Amsterdam, where they work with a "standard" of a healthy EEG to which your EEG is compared. You then train to get a more "standard" EEG. Although this apparently works very well to heal certain disorders, it is not such an appealing thought to an artist ... who traditionally does not like to be compared to a "grey mouse" ... :-)
I don't know how this works in reality, most neurofeedback methods claim to increase creativity.

Next week there is an introduction to
another neurofeedback method in Amsterdam, which apparently works without diagnosis and then takes the existing EEG as starting point, after which the training is geared towards spreading the different frequencies more evenly on the brain.

Another neurofeedback technology I want to mention here is the
Lens system, which is relatively new and works a lot faster. It seems like it has not reached the Netherlands (yet) ...

To be continued ... :-)

Fun! - by Anne Vis.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Us vs them?

Rose in Pastel - by Anne VisI just returned to Amsterdam after spending four months in San Francisco. Apart from facing a lot of work and challenges in Amsterdam, the difference in mentality and really everything is always impressive. I happened to come across an article on Der Spiegel website about the differences between Americans and Europeans (part one, part two, part three), interesting.

One of the things I really like about Americans is their attitude towards new thoughts. They tell me: "Wow, that is nice, how can I help you?" The Dutch are always keen to point out why your new ideas won't work. They call that practical realism. And helping? I called a Dutch helpdesk this past week and the employee even went as far as breaking off the connection! Welcome back!

In New Age thinking comparison is of course obsolete altogether: we need to move toward thinking of "us" and include the "them". If we consider all of us as indeed "us" there can be no more wars ...
I like that.

"Rose in Pastel" - by Anne Vis.