Friday, July 24, 2009

Muscle Testing

Heart - by Anne VisYesterday I was talking with a woman who told me she had her "therapist" test if she should follow a certain (other) therapy.
When people talk about "testing" they usually refer to muscle tests, also called applied kinesiology or touch for health.
It is used for a wide range of topics, like "is this food good for me?" instead of just following the natural appetite and trust that all that you eat will be for the best of your health. (I always tend to think that anything eaten with appetite will stimulate the juices and be digested properly with optimal intake of all nutrients).
Of course the mental attitude of both the person tested and the person performing the test will influence the end result.
Hence the woman mentioned above received a big "no" to her question whether she should follow an alternative treatment. (A question of course she could have asked herself instead of someone else).
Coffee is also a famous one. Usually tests negative because of all the "goat wool socks" prejudices. :-)

You get my point:
these muscle tests are totally unreliable.
Yet they are being used by a host of different healers from all sorts of healing methods. The latest seems to be
NMT. It is presented as a new "method", but personally I haven't heard anything that is different from kinesiology or touch for health, which have been around for decades ...

Also theta healing works with muscle tests.
I recently had a lot of people ask me about theta healing. I have taken the full training and can call myself an advanced theta healer. Yet I do not advertise it as such. One of the reasons is that I do not want to use muscle tests.

There are many ways to get answers to questions.
The first and most valuable in my view is common sense.
Another way to get answers can be by using your intuition. For some people that can be feeling, for others seeing or an instant "knowing" ...
Following your bliss is usually the best path to travel ... the answers will present naturally ...

Art: "Heart" - by Anne Vis

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Debunking New Age myths ...

Romantic Postage - by Anne VisAfter all the scientific evidence that coffee is good for you and that alcohol (in moderation) can actually help heal Alzheimer (and lets not forget all the good stuff happening when we eat chocolate ... :-))), I found another interesting article that shakes our firm New Age belief system.

This time it is about counting your blessings and being grateful.
According to an
article in Scientific American the entire concept of gratitude pales in comparison to imagining what would happen if good things would NOT have happened. The theory would be that it would spark curiosity! Is it surprise and curiosity that makes us happy?
Of course my muse
Knor knows everything about curiosity: after all there is this saying that "curiosity killed the cat". :-)
She seems to be faring well being curious though: always a smile on her face! :-)

Also in the news:
DNA is not the same in every organ! This would pull the entire base from underneath the theta healing. Theta healing states there is a "master cell" that determines all of the DNA in the body ... well: maybe not!

It looks like everything is just a little bit more complicated than the New Age theories state ... which sparks curiosity as we continue to explore truth ... with a smile! :-)

Art news:
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Change ... a new store!

An ocean of love - greeting card design by Anne VisIn the near future I will close the CafePress store (where I host greeting cards and other products).
CafePress decided to literally "starve" their artists, with first drastically cutting commissions and now even refusing to pay me at all (the current situation is that I pay them instead!) ... I will probably never get rich from my art (or even earn a living for that matter), but this is just too much ... time for a change!

I already had a shop on
Zazzle and will be uploading more new designs there in the coming weeks.
The entire operation requires an enormous amount of work, so please bear with us!
The Zazzle site has improved quite a bit since a year ago, so
Knor and I are confident our clients will have a pleasant experience in the new store!

The transfer of work to another computer seems to have damaged a lot of files, so several designs will not return in the
new store (we'll create new ones! :-)))
We hope to welcome you soon to see the new sections grow and new creations added! :-)

The card above is an anniversary card which is brand new! :-)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A break ...

Soft ... - by Anne VisTaking the time to smell the flowers on our path is one of the joys of life ... I recently took some day trips through the north of the Netherlands to appreciate the country and the beauty around ...
Enkhuizen - the Netherlands
Zaanse Schans - the NetherlandsOf course nothing is quite as joyful as a big "knor-fix":
Anne Vis with Knor
If you are in Amsterdam I look forward to seeing you in the Temple this afternoon! Unless indicated otherwise, every Tuesday afternoon between 4 PM and 6 PM! :-)

Artwork: Soft ... by Anne Vis.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Free Ecards

Fresh ... - by Anne VisI'm having a lot of fun with florals lately and set up a free ecards page with lots of flowers. Nice for the summer! :-)
The cards differ from other sites where your recipient needs to go to the website to pick up the card:
these ecards come in one piece in your inbox!
Of course also my muse
Knor can be found there! :-)