Thursday, August 27, 2009

Calendars ...heading for 2012! :-)

Surreal Knorscapes Calendar for cat lovers - by Anne Vis Inspiration is a strange thing ... After a while of not having any at all, I find myself now glued to the computer and unable to stop creating new work.
The latest hype is calendars. I had to transfer all the calendars I created in the past to my new
online store and apart from having to change all the sizes, also created a couple of new images here and there as well as an entire new calendar with angels! :-)
My muse
Knor has been busy! :-) Several new knor images in the Surreal Knorscapes Calendar ...
Angel Calendar - by Anne Vis

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Knor: for cat-lovers and other lovers ... :-)

Valentine's Day greeting cards by Anne VisWith just a short time to go before I close my Cafepress store, the SunnySites Zazzle store is slowly growing. Today I added the mug section (with cute Knor I am the Boss-mugs!) as well as a section with greeting cards for romantic occasions and Valentine's Day ... :-)
Fun Knor mugs by Anne Vis - for cat lovers! :-)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The Fabric of Life - by Anne VisA couple of months ago I heard the issue of energy saving light bulbs (CFL's) was abandoned because the energy saved on other things was supposedly "already enough".
In my view the whole thing is a strange story to begin with since the energy used for light bulbs is like 0.0002% of the total energy we use.
To my horror it seems like now the old bulbs become obsolete by September 1 2009. (what happened there?)

There is a lot wrong with the "energy saving light bulbs", which the authorities choose to ignore or brush off as nonsense.
First of all they are manufactured in low wage countries with non-existing or not implemented laws regarding the way products are manufactured. We are talking here about lamps that contain several highly toxic materials and oftentimes children involved in the labor. So it already starts with
health issues (link in Dutch) in the countries were these lamps are manufactured.

because it all has to be cheap, the time these lamps lasts (which supposedly should be a lot longer than conventional bulbs) suddenly turns out to be a lot shorter, due to inferior materials.

Of course they need to be transported to the west. Which also costs energy.

The mercury content is an environmental risk, for which the governments should have found a good way to dispose of, but which is lacking. Also the public is not aware of this and does not put disposed lamps in "chemical waste", but in the regular garbage. I have to bicycle for about half an hour to get to the nearest chemical waste point. How realistic is it to expect people to do things like that for every lamp that lost its life? However small the amount of mercury in these lamps is these days, all those small amounts in the environment add up and do pose a health risk.

Then there is the issue of
UV light. Reportedly people get skin rashes and other skin problems. We don't know yet if it also will cause cancer ...
Some health officials say you should not sit close to these lamps or be exposed for more than an hour, but who knows that?

We also see a horrifying level of electromagnetic frequencies (yes, the frequencies that the cell phones also have and that cause health concerns). It is called "dirty electricity". Migraine headaches is just one of the symptoms caused by these bulbs ...
Read and watch more ...

Of course the color of the light of a CLF is nice for in a factory, but who wants that light in a romantic setting ... ?

It seems that LED is the way to go, unfortunately not yet ready for mass production. But maybe it is worth the wait?

Artwork: The Fabric of Life - by Anne Vis

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Art Video!

I am thrilled that I found musician David Nevue willing to work with me on this new movie! His music is just out of this world ... maybe more from a world where angels dwell ... places I really like to visit, that's for sure! :-)
If you watch it on YouTube you can also see it in higher resolution.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A New Baby-Boom!

Baby Girl Card - by Anne VisThere is a real baby boom going on in western countries.
Which is food for thought.
One can wonder why people would want to put children in a world that is so polluted and crowded and has so much aggression. It seemed that for a while people realized this, although visiting any high school with children in puberty may also have done the trick ... :-)

For those of us who care about the environment, it is just mind boggling: already during pregnancy a woman pollutes about 500 times more hormones than at other times, not to mention all the pollution caused by just a single individual during an entire lifetime.
I heard a "soon-to-be-father" say he was fertilizing planet earth ... but doesn't it look more like humans are infesting planet earth instead, like parasites?

Obviously people who choose to have children, have a completely different train of thoughts. In new age circles it is said that all new beings coming to earth now have a very high energy vibration and will help all of us heal.
As we see several children having severe problems and ending up in criminality, it is pretty clear that from wherever they came, they are having trouble being here in our 3D world.
I think we'd better clean up our act now and make sure these new beings will be received warmly and safely, so that they will be able to indeed let their light shine in this world.

As you can see from the image above, you can find greeting cards for babies in
our new Zazzle store! We are still adding sections! :-)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gay Pride

Reflected Light - by Anne VisEvery first Saturday in August Amsterdam is in party spirit: the annual Gay Pride, a parade of colorful decorated boats with loud music brightens up the canals.
The main topic is the liberation of the gays and their right to express themselves. Unfortunately this is still a topic demanding attention as just a few weeks ago the organizer of the festival experienced as he was beaten up by anti-gays.
I live along a canal that is a big traffic route for boats, always lively and busy and on a day like this I can hear the boats coming from afar. It struck me that they were playing the music of Michael Jackson. Although I don't get that Michael was gay, he had, from an astrologic point of view, a prominent Uranus. Uranus is about being "strange" or eccentric, and in that respect it is also the planet of the gay. Uranus is provocative as well and I was talking about the violence against gays with somebody who pointed out that they were provoking ... Dah???!!! I think some people have a natural extravagance, they just express themselves very colorfully (which of course does not refer to all gays). Since when does that give others the right to start beating? This is exactly where this parade is about: the right to express, however weird that may be in other's eyes.
Given the thousands of people attracted to this event, it seems to me that many enjoy the fun and color the gay community brings into our lives ... (pictures below were taken hours before the parade would start ...)
Note also that Madonna is born just a few weeks after Michael Jackson and how the topic of being "different" and provocative goes for both of them ...

Another point of course being made, deals with being a man or a woman and relationships. I just finished reading a brilliant book by
Norah Vincent, called "Self-made man: one woman's journey into manhood and back again". Norah is a lesbian woman who goes undercover as a man to experience what it really means to be a man.
I must say I have a lot of respect for her, her courage is just unbelievable. She goes into all sorts of adventures and has excellent insight into what is going on in different situations.
After her experience she has gained a new understanding of what drives men and the pain and difficulties hidden under the surface. In this respect it is very interesting to note how different we all behave towards men vs women. And how these patterns determine so much of who we are ...