Friday, October 30, 2009

Who is God?

Knor's Magical World - art by Anne VisThere is one statement by Ayn Rand that made a particular impression: Check your premises.

The last couple of months I have been exploring my relationship to God. It started when I followed a thetahealing class and was asked to connect to "Creator". I had an instant aversion to the word and it became the beginning of a search as to who or what God is (again!). Being raised atheist I never related to a religious God, although I've always had a special relationship to Jesus. Also the word "Source" did not quite do it for me. I had an extra session thetahealing to work specifically on this issue, but it just did not work.

I noticed I also had some sort of mistrust, as God would also be the creator of wars and such. I still haven't worked out Byron Katie's view on this, who is always loving and peaceful towards even violence. Is she a dreamer or has she really cracked a code that seems to be out of my grasp?
The God of Neale Donald Walsh is described as the life force itself, more like the morphogenetic field as Rupert Sheldrake has found.
These are all interesting concepts to play with, but are they the answer?

In old Egyptian times, Roman times or today in Hinduism, there are more Gods, not just one. In my experience it makes a tangible difference in daily life to whom or what you connect, even though we all may be "one". It's like the company you choose influences what is happening for you. Could it be that there is a more pure source than our monotheistic "God"? Could it be that it would work better to just call in the quality instead of a deity, like for instance connect to highest love and light?
That is one of things that is so beautiful in Lightbody meditation: you can call in the frequencies you would like to add. After all everything is vibration.

As I was pondering all these questions, my muse
Knor was traveling through the universes, one of the things she can't get enough of ... :-))) And she found herself on a planet where there are multiple suns ... sun as a symbol for God ...

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Remarkable ...

Bookmarks by Anne VisAs in the outside world many things happen that really cannot face daylight, I am always pleased to be able to withdraw in the magical world of art and healing.
I am so happy to be able to create new work again, after weeks of computer problems. I want to give my thumbs up here for LG: I called them that my monitor was so dark and I could not get it to work properly any more. I expected some instructions or suggestions, but they said: no worries, we'll just give you a new one! The next day somebody came to my house to replace the monitor! This was after I had the monitor for over two years. I wish I could say the same from the other companies I had to deal with over the last couple of weeks ... (black marks for Medion and Adobe!)
Especially in the midst of challenges and things not going the way you would like them, such a wonderful service or gesture can make a world of difference.
I also want to give a thumbs up for the local bicycle repair shop (Wittenstraat Amsterdam). After kids or vandals had stolen part of my bicycle wheels, I had flat tires. The shop owner replaced the missing parts instantly and at no charge!
Thanks so much people who make this world a better place!

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Monday, October 19, 2009

The girls of pleasure in Amsterdam

The girls of pleasure in Amsterdam - original cat calendar by Anne VisToday is another black day in Dutch history.
This morning I happened to be in the court building where at that moment one of the Dutch banks was declared bankrupt.
While in Amsterdam-South-East the bullets are flying around your ears as people are killing each other, the government seems to be killing businesses that they don't like for whatever obscure reason.
The story can be read as a thriller: almost every day in the past weeks a piece of the puzzle was revealed. Something definitely went wrong with the minister of finance, the National Dutch Bank, this guy Lakeman ... and why did one of the newspapers suddenly publish supposedly secret negotiations?

It started with dubious products that this bank was delivering. Nobody was mentioning that all the other banks were doing exactly the same. The only difference being that the owner of this bank is a self made man: he made his fortune from scratch. A severe sin in this country, where you are not supposed to be successful ... or else ... This man was not a member of the "old boys network" ...
Maybe the coming weeks will reveal new details about this case, but I sure hope that justice will be done. Probably wishful thinking.

Meantime on the television a program that explained how all multinationals operating from the Netherlands do not pay tax, costing the regular working guys (read: us) 18 billion euros a year. I think the minister of finance has something serious to explain.

And what has
Knor here to do with all that?
Well ... while we were horrified about all the new developments, our furry purry friends continued their healing work in the streets of Amsterdam, sending their unconditional love to anyone needing it ... :-)
View our latest cat calendar:
The girls of pleasure in Amsterdam! :-)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Magical Fractals Calendar

Magical Fractals Calendar by Anne VisThank God the biggest computer challenges seem to be solved (touch wood!) and I have finally been able to finish a new fractal calendar! :-)
Maybe doing energy healings and working on a computer is not the ideal combination after all ... they say that computers can go crazy from the energy frequencies ;-)

This calendar is created entirely in Apophysis, a fractal rendering program.
I like working with Apophysis, because there is always that element of surprise ... you never quite know what you are going to get ... a touch of magic ...
For an overview of all images on the calendar, visit my
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Sunday, October 4, 2009

World Knor Day

World Knor Day - be kind to cats- by Anne VisToday is World Knor Day - a beautiful day to pamper your cat as well as the stray ones ...
Those of you who have been following my blog may have wondered why there are no new entries: this is because of severe computer problems, hence an older illustration instead of new artwork ... Please bear with me ... and meantime: Happy World Knor Day! :-)