Thursday, December 31, 2009


I went to see Amreeka yesterday.
It is always very emotional to me to see the humiliations the Palestinians have to deal with on a daily basis, it really breaks my heart. And then I must say the film was making it as light as one can possibly make this. It is heartwarming to notice how people support each other and stick together in difficult situations, so much love ...

There is an
international protest now at the Egyptian border.
During WWII the Dutch did hardly do anything to stop the atrocities against the jews. Out of guild they now help the israelis in all possible ways, thereby making the same mistake again: not doing anything against the Holocaust repeating itself in Camp Gaza.
And with us the rest of the world ...

I am dreaming of a new world ... In it there is also a state called Palestine, where arabs and jews live ... all in peace and prosperity ...
Happy New Year to all.

Airtravel now obsolete?

Fractal Flower - art by Anne VisAccording to our minister of Interior Affairs, the US has blackmailed the Netherlands to impose full body searches (including fumbling with the genitals) or else there would be no plane able to land on US soil.
I find it highly suspicious that this is the umpteenth time that US intelligence ignores information (11 countries warned about 9/11), it gives the impression that this is a strategy. I guess the Rumsfelds of this world are building this body scan machine? (just like Rumsfeld is behind Tamiflu?)
The next thing we are going to see is that people can also hide weapons inside their body, like the people smuggling cocaine have shown.
Fumbling with somebody's genitals against their will is a crime. Is the next thing that rape is going to be legalized on a large scale at airports? It is already the case for flights from Suriname, so don't hold your breath.
Also: what are they going to do with a woman who has her period and uses sanitary bandages? And what about children? Are they going to be traumatized for life? (I already see the pedophiles lining up for a job at security)
How far are we going in order to have so called "security"? And why is there no questioning about the reasons for these attacks? Do our governments really think they can get away with destroying Iraq and other countries without consequences?
Just last week in one evening in Amsterdam there were over a hundred car accidents. In comparison flying is so safe.
However, with the measures that are taken now, one will think twice about taking a plane, especially across the pond.
It's very disappointing that Obama turns out to be the Bush administration, term 3.

A couple of years ago I had a time travel experience (IN body!). I was driving with a friend in the Netherlands, when we suddenly found ourselves far in Germany, close to Oberhausen. This happened spontaneously. I think the time has come we learn how to master this skill, traveling deliberately to the destination we want and also be able to travel back when and if we want. As far as I know yogis who have practiced for years master these skills, but maybe with the changes in frequencies there will be new ways to learn how to do this. At least we have a great incentive now! Let me know if you know of somebody who can teach this! :-)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Listen ...

Merry Christmas!Knor just loves my latest efforts to learn to play keyboard. In addition to the fun of stepping on a regular computer keyboard, she now also gets the sound effects! :-)
And what is more fun on Christmas Eve than to learn how to play Silent Night ... :-)
Unfortunately our play is not up to a standard that I can let you hear what we are doing yet ... :-)

I have been meditating several hours a day lately and it is listening to my heart that resonates with the music ...
And this is a good time to listen to our hearts ... (always!!!)
Anyway, we hope you are warm and safe and wish you a beautiful and heartwarming time! :-)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Free Ecards

Free Holiday Ecards by Anne VisWe've updated the free ecard section at Sunny Sites with Holiday cards! :-)
These images will not be available as prints since they take extremely long to render, so enjoy them as a free card! Note: people do not need to go to the site, the card is deliverd right in their mailbox! :-)

If you are still looking for gifts for the Holidays, check out our
Online Art Store. No need to run through busy shops or bad weather! Free ground shipping with purchases over $50.- for just 3 more days, details on the site.

This afternoon you can meet
Knor and myself in Amsterdam in spiritual center Temple.
We're offering Reconnective Healing® drop-in sessions. It's not sure how long we will still be able to offer this service in this format, so if you can, do come by today!

And another small news item that is not about our own activities, but that I found in the Dutch news: It turns out that biological food can in some cases be MORE polluted and/or contaminated than regular food. This goes especially for meat (which you may steer clear from anyway) and eggs, that are polluted with dioxins. Always good to know ...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Global Cooling

Knor Coffee Mug - design by Anne VisWhile the politicians in Copenhagen are discussing something they call global warming, the rest of us is trying to get used to the global cooling. Personally I think what we should be really dealing with now is the environmental pollution and the overpopulation, but that seems to have become a minor issue in the view of the perceived "global warming".
There is a lot of information on the internet that tells us that the
statistics have been manipulated, not to mention of course the hacked emails. I found a channeling about the climate issue from Kryon. He repeats that we are headed for a global cooling.
With my common sense: if the north pole is melting, then the warm ocean current can not reach Europe any more and at least here we are instantly in another ice age ... nothing warm about that!

Knor insists the angels will help us to find ways to deal with whatever we are about to face. Stay together and keep a warm heart ...
Hot coffee may help too! :-)

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Opening to the Light - by Anne VisNo words today ...
Let the
fractal image speak for itself ...
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