Thursday, December 23, 2010

Distance Healings for Cats

Last night I attended a world peace meditation at the San Francisco Center of Master Sha Soul Healing.
I had seen Dr. Sha a few years ago at the New Living Expo and was not very impressed back then, but decided to find out what my experience would be now. The evening consisted mostly of chanting, but also some dance and meditation and was very enjoyable.

Just before I went to this event I received a request for a Knor Healing and I got a beautiful picture of a ginger tabby cat. I decided to postpone the healing to today, as I wanted to attend this world peace meditation.
But guess what: Knor decided he did not want to wait and joined me at the meditation! I have had this experience once before, when a kitty that I had received a healing request for, decided to chime in in a world healing meditation. It feels like cats enjoy this energy, and probably they are actually contributing to the healing as well.
In my experience cats play a powerful role in healing the earth and the layers closest to the ground. They also heal humans in their surroundings.
In Japan this has led to cat cafes, where people can enjoy a "knor-fix". Certainly a wonderful idea ... I envision a Starbucks Knor Fix! :-)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas with Adyashanti

Adyashanti had a Christmas special yesterday and as several people recommended him, I decided to check it out.
He was telling the story of Jesus' life from a spiritual point of view.
Striking was that he said it is not about the teachings, but Jesus' life IS the teaching ... teaching us about the path of awakening ...
It was quite some Christmas gathering ... very joyful and insightful.
Other people present said it was very different from Adyashanti's usual gatherings, so maybe I need to check out one of those at some point too.
He also has a new book, called Falling into Grace, insights on the end of suffering. I postponed buying it, as I don't like traveling with heavy hardcovers, but it looks very interesting. After all: who does not want to end the suffering?
Wishing you a very happy and merry Christmas!
(and don't forget to check out the free Holiday Ecards! :-)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Kryon Channelings

As a Reconnective Healing® practitioner it is always interesting to learn more about DNA.
Lee Carroll now has a new book, called The twelve layers of DNA.
This was presented in his last seminar, last Saturday in San Rafael (CA).
I had never heard a Kryon channeling "live", and found that Lee is a great speaker and channel, who also had great stories to share about his travels around the world.
I could not resist asking about the concept of time travel or teleportation, but according to Lee this will only be possible as we have developed our DNA for 100%. Anybody who thinks it can be done before that, please let me know! :-)
I don't find flying much fun anymore, as you undoubtly have seen with all the jokes around the bodyscanner and TSA groping ... Not so funny indeed ... the lastest mail I got around this topic said something along the lines of "Mention Al Qaida and get a free colonoscopy!" :-)
All the more reason to get serious around developing your DNA!

If you have read my website, you will have noticed that I currently only offer distance healings. Don't let that deter you: in Reconnective Healing® the energies get stronger at a larger distance! :-)

Friday, November 5, 2010

More Horse Inspiration and Healing

Yesterday evening Renee Coltson gave a presentation on Reconnective Healing® for animals. As a Reconnective Healing® practitioner it is always nice to get together with other healers and inspire each other. Renee was my personal teacher a couple of years ago, so it was really nice to see her again. She is a magical horse whisperer ... So with my recent horse inspirations this enhances the magic ...
There are just a few places left for her workshop next week ... only for Reconnective Healing® practitioners.

The image above is my latest horse inspiration,
The Magical Appearance ...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Water crystals

Love is: "When your Knor is lost, I will send you a thousand new ones! :-)"
This was something a client said to me and then she sent me a book with funny knors! Thanks so much, that is so delightful! :-)
Of course my special muse Knor can't be as easily replaced.
So meantime, as I keep finding horses everywhere I go, I try to figure out their language ... As you can see above, I may not be too successful at interpreting them yet ... :-)
This image and others are on sale at Imagekind (20% off!) at the moment, so take your chance!

I also found something new on the topic of health. That is: new to me.
A friend of mine brought me a Tornado Tube with fitting bottles for water.
Most of you will have heard about the research by Dr. Emoto Masaru on the structure of water crystals. As my friend (who is a physicist) explained, regular tap water contains clusters of molecules that don't have a beneficial effect on health. Now with spinning the water to the left, the clusters apparently break down. This can be done by connecting two bottles with the Tornado Tube and then spinning them to the left a couple of times, creating a vortex. If you spin them to the right you can reprogram them, for instance with love, gratitude, gratefulness ...
I have compared the taste from before and after, and must say I am impressed!
If you have kids, they'll enjoy this, as apparently this is originally a toy! :-)
Another big thank you is in order! :-)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Unicorns and Enlightenment

When I signed up for a vortexhealing® class in 2002 I thought I was going to learn more about healing. And this is indeed true, but now that I have moved to the new advanced classes, I find that more emphasis is on "waking up".

OK, I get that it is nice that to have no conditioning any more, if ever it is possible to reach that state ... and yes, that will have an impact on the body and it's physical health.
Be free, yes, I could sign up for that!
But what on earth is all this enlightening/waking up stuff about?
In the eighties you had these guru type of guys (for some reason women do not assume the guru role the same way apparently ...) who had an entire audience of "devotees" who believed everything they would say, which in my view would mainly be utter nonsense ... (the Andrew Cohen type of stuff).
I mean: how much time can you spend listening to absolutely NOTHING? (and I am not talking about the inner silence now ...)
Oh well ...

Anyway, I decided to give it a new try, as I am not even convinced that it would be something to actually WANT ... given the image of apathy and not being interested in anything life has to offer any more ... In which case the vortexhealing® may not be my best choice now ...

Although it is probably real difficult to get a grasp of what it is about by reading a book, by lack of better, I have found a couple of books on the subject.
I started with Jed McKenna: Spiritual Enlightenment - the damnedest thing. Yes, a guy again. And yes, he has the "devotee" thing hanging around him, so nothing new there.
There are a couple of interesting thoughts that come up in this book (and I haven't finished it yet). One of them is the search for truth ... That is actually already where it starts ...
And where he already loses me as I don't believe that there is such a thing as "one truth" or the ultimate truth? That sounds like all those who say that we live in an illusion ... I recommend trying to bang your head against the wall and tell us how illusionary that feels ... :-) In my world there are many different dimensions and realities and each of them as true as the next ... just a different vibration ... and yes, very fun to explore! :-)

Another interesting aspect of this is the idea of some that it entails a constant happy and being in "oneness" kind of thing, whereas others say it is only about (the "ugly"?) truth ... Which is it? I don't know! :-)

I guess I just continue with vortexhealing® as it makes me feel better, which seems to me a valid reason enough ... don't know if I'll ever "get" that enlightenment thing ... will keep you posted on that and I trust you will let me know when I am talking too much nonsense! :-)

Meantime the image you see above is the result of the constant and abundant appearance of horses on my path ... they seem to be literally everywhere! Even this morning. I was walking a trail with a friend and we regularly go the same way ... never saw a horse there, until today ... One came by to say hi and give a hug ... I wonder what they try to tell me ... to be continued ...

See more of my art on Sunny Sites.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Human Design - unlock your true potential

A few years ago I was looking for a good book and explanation on the Human Design System and now I finally ran across it. Chetan Parkyn: Human Design - discover the person you were born to be.
The Human Design System can be compared to astrology, yet claims it is more comprehensive and the new thing after astrology. It certainly has more than meets the eye. From what I have read in this book (as far as it applies to myself), it seems pretty accurate. Actually more so than a Human Design reading I had from a professional reader a few years back ...
There is free software to download and you can also download your chart for free. Unfortunately the program does not work on a 64 bit machine (which I have) and (like most interesting software programs) is not compatible with Mac.

I am looking forward to more books on this topic ... :-)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

An artist without a muse ...

Geometric Fantasy 1 - art by Anne VisShe was always seeing everything from an unexpected angle, adding her wisdom and humor. So without a muse, I feel really out of sorts.
I try to apply what she has shown me over the past ten years, but it seems like even the most simple decisions are difficult. Like in the two images shown here: I just could not decide which one to publish, so now you have both of them ... is that good or bad? I don't know!
I guess it is a process to develop into something else ... stay tuned ... :-)

Geometric Fantasy 2 - art by Anne Vis

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Snowboarding to Nirvana

Shining - art by Anne VisUp till now I had not been able to find good literature on time travel, as most writing is about traveling outside the body and I am interested in traveling in my physical body (as I spontaneously experienced a while back). I recently found a book called Snowboarding to Nirvana by Frederick Lenz (recommended by somebody I met) and just finished it.
Throughout most of the book I suspected it wasn't going to come up, but there it was: on the last page! :-) However, I found it an interesting and entertaining, easy to read book about Buddhism and how to live life in truth. Probably also inspiring for those of us who are into snowboarding ( no, not my cup of tea! :-)).

One of the reasons I had starting reading and not doing anything else has to do with Knor's disappearance ... After all: what is an artist without a muse? My spiritual cat Knor is usually by my side as I create new artwork and then she "messes" with stuff ... which I call the inspiration :-)
Now cats do go away sometimes, but Knor usually would come back within a few days. Don't know whether she'll be back this time and if so, when ...
If you do not see the spiritual energy, you can recognize her presence by the following signs:

  • You are giggling more than usual

  • You are suddenly telling people things that you would not normally do and then find everyone around you in stitches

  • unexpected "cat appearances", like when you are looking for a house and it goes through a cat, or you find yourself on websites with cats and are wondering how on earth you got there ...

  • an undeniable urge to write and when you start writing the story is suddenly being taken over by a cat

  • watch for spontaneous changes in the flow of things

  • the cashier in the supermarket is distracted and starts adding the cat food for the next customer to your groceries

  • any time the energy gets "bubbly" and lively, filled with humor ... :-)
Anyone who has seen her is asked to please send her back to me (I realize this will be a hard thing to do, as you probably easily will fall in love with her ...)
All help appreciated! :-)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Achilles' Heel

A Place to Rest - art by Anne VisThe chain is just as strong as it weakest link. This becomes very clear in the mythology of Achilles, who was invincible after being immersed in the river Styx by his mother ... who held his heel: the place that would eventually be his death.

I have recently been looking into the issues in the Achilles' heel from an energetic point of view and made some interesting discoveries.
Oftentimes the stories of these myths run very deep into human consciousness, and the myth of Achilles makes no exception.
What I saw was quite a lot of survival issues held in this tendon (as well as in the rest of the heel by the way). It won't surprise you that clearing these out, will have an effect on the overall energy system of the person.
The amount of tension in this tendon also affects the overall tension in the body.
Maybe truly a matter of strengthening the weakest link and increasing the overall strength for the entire body?
I am currently running a series of experiments to see how this works out ...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

DNA - continued ...

The Magical Connection - art by Anne VisReconnective Healing® works on the DNA and I am interested in what is going on there. A couple of months ago I took a Vortexhealing® class on genetics, which helped me to bridge my consciousness deeper into the DNA.
As mentioned earlier, I love to listen to the
Kryon channelings. He regularly talks about DNA, and as it happens, there is just a new one online, about the healing qualities in the DNA.
When I could not sleep last weekend as my new cute neighbor boys threw a party, I decided to work on my DNA, as instructed by Kryon: activating the Lemurian DNA.
I had been reading all afternoon about Lemuria and found that the Lemurians built a city underneath Mt Shasta in California, called Telos.
So I asked Merlin and Master St Germain to create a portal for me to Telos.
Then I asked for an upgrade and activation in my DNA.

The effect was very interesting.
I had no idea as to what to expect when I started this, but I quite soon felt a real connection to the Mt Shasta area and then found myself connected inside the DNA (as I also experienced in the Vortexhealing class).
Meantime my body was trembling. It actually felt like I was lying on top of a washing machine in the final stages of the laundry process ... :-)
It was quite bizarre.
Next night same thing happened. And after two nights of barely sleeping, I felt great! :-)
It's like I feel more grounded and at the same time more expanded. It's hard to say if there is any real tangible effect in a certain area or so, yet I definitely feel like something (mysterious) happened.

Since then I have received a lot of new inspiration for the new healing sessions I am in the process of developing. I wrote about that quite a while back, thinking I would get something together pretty quickly. It turns out that is going to be a very lengthy process and may still take quite a while. The amount of material turns out to be huge and I need to feel deep as to what is actually working, and what is still in "imaginary" state.
As Kryon says: we can grow new limbs ... the sky is the limit!
But it looks like it is important to do the work on the ground now!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Freedom of Expression

Kitty T Shirt - design by Anne VisBeing "politically correct" is very trendy in the Netherlands. You cannot say or do anything that might "insult" some (usually religious extremist) individual or group. Worst case scenario the result is death, as we have seen with Theo van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn.

How far this goes and the impact on society can be seen today, as the paintings of Dutch painter
Sylvia Bosch have been removed from a clinic (Dutch language link).
You wonder what was so offensive about these paintings?
Well, she painted pigs ...
The worst is that the request for removal apparently was done by a non-muslim thinking that muslims might be offended ...
So what's next, will I be prosecuted because of my knor paintings? (it is probably offensive, as any painting of living creatures ...)

So this is why the party of Geert Wilders gets so many votes, we need to protect our freedom of expression (which is a mixed bag, as zionism is not something you want in your country either). It is clear that things are spinning completely out of control. Yesterday it also became clear that asylum seekers who are allowed to stay here, will be able to get a home within three months. The rest of the population has to wait for 18 years before they will be able to find a place for themselves.
I don't think I need to say more ...

Except that Knor and I are very happy today that
our entire store is featured on Zazzle! :-)

Friday, July 16, 2010

On Feathers and Fractals ...

Feathers - fractal art by Anne VisI keep finding more interesting information on fractals. Take for instance a look at this video:

Also worth while is a lecture by
Mandelbrot, yes, the guy that found all these fractal calculations that we are all creating our art with now!

I hope you are enjoying this fractal (above) which is created in Apophysis, with some additional work in other programs. It is called "Feathers" and I dedicate it to a dear friend who has a soft warm spot in my heart ... :-)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Behind The Game

Green Bicycle t-shirt - art by Anne VisThe morning after: we are licking our wounds as Knor would phrase it. There is so much more than meets the eye around this entire soccer game.

I don't like games and this one is no exception. So I was sitting outside along the canal with a good book. Then suddenly it become uncannily silent. In stark contrast to the previous games, during which there was a lot of noise. I could feel a sudden heaviness in the atmosphere and I instantly knew the Dutch were going to lose.
This is what I call a physical and literal experience of collective karma. Maybe something coming back from 80 years of war between the Netherlands and Spain?
If you are feeling down, it may help to ask the angels to be released from this collective karma.

Then after it continued to be so strangely silent and it got late, I went back home and watched a few minutes of the game (towards the end). That's when I found the next shocking thing: something apparently went wrong with the subliminal messages and they suddenly were not so subliminal any more. I could not bear watching, as I saw messages like: "You are powerless", "We control you" and such. This is what has been going around in the world of "conspiracy theories" for a long time, but I had never actually perceived it so clearly myself. Unfortunately most conspiracy theories are closer to the truth than what our regular media want us to believe.
I am not sure what to do about this, except not watch these broadcasts.

The point underneath is that although many people want us to believe that soccer games "unite", the opposite is true. They are based on competition.
I could not help to fantasize about what else we could have done TOGETHER with Spain, which would have been productive and joyful. I am thinking about the progress Spain is making in the field of alternative energy sources. I know in the Netherlands TNO has been working on geothermic energy sources, which is a very hopeful development. You can also find this back in the
Kryon channelings.

Meantime, I have started a series of
t-shirts for bike lovers, one of which you can see above.
I guess I don't need to add that this has nothing to do with certain bicycle games in France ... :-)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Featured on the homepage of Zazzle

Happy Knor Card - art card by Anne VisA great start of the day to find our new Happy Knor Card featured on the homepage of Zazzle! :-)
Meantime the knors here in the neighborhood are lounging on any available bench or nice corner in the shadow, as the summer heat is relentless!
Wishing you a relaxing and refreshing day!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Sale

Fresh - art by Anne VisTropical temperatures in Amsterdam for already a couple of weeks: summer is here! As it is too hot to go outside, I am working on some refreshing new art ... :-)

There is just one link that I would like to share with you:
map of gravitational forces on the planet.
Very interesting to see how dense the energy is in Europe. I have always felt it that way, it's so nice to now see this in a map! :-)

And on a more practical note: Imagekind has a sale on framing:
a great opportunity to get a beautiful framed print!

Art Gallery Anne Vis

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Earth Healing Meditation - the oil spill (2)

A New Morning -art by Anne VisThe news about the gulf is increasingly worrisome and I have decided to do another group healing meditation on this topic on Sunday July 4 at 9:00 AM California time and 6:00 PM Amsterdam time.
I know it's Fourth of July celebration but real independence also means being free of the terror of oil spills I assume? :-)
I just read this article about it:
by David Icke. He confirms what I saw in the last group meditation, where a lot of my focus was on the board of BP. It is very hard to imagine that anyone could be doing such a thing on purpose ... yet that seems to be the case ...

As in the previous meditations: if you are new to this, you can visit the
meditation page on my website for ideas!
I hope to meet you in the energy field! :-)

I added an artwork called A New Morning ... I thought it would be nice as a focus of what we would like (instead) ... :-)
Also nice is that I found this week that HUGE eel are living right in front of my house in the canal, so beautiful! I wish them a free and happy long life, which I also wish for all other creatures on the planet (including fish, birds and people in the Gulf area right now! :-)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Earth Healing Meditation - Nigeria and Palestine

Majestic Vision - art by Anne VisOK, so the last world healing meditation went well and several people were able to join, despite my late announcement. Thank you all!

After the meditation, I watched
Zembla, a Dutch documentary series that this time was about the oil spill by Shell in Nigeria. They claim it is even worse than the Gulf oil spill ... (is that possible?) People do not have clean drinking water, large parts of the land are so polluted by oil spills that the trees have died and no crops can grow. People have no means to survive as their sources of food and income have gone. All fish has died ...
The healing work continues ...

Also in the Middle East, where the israelis are doing their best to exterminate the Palestinians.
I just found a link to a similar type of crime as the Shell disaster in Nigeria, be it that the intent is even more malicious:
the israeli dumping of nuclear waste on Palestinian land.
Given the long record of israeli crimes, nothing should surprise us any more ...

Here is a great reaction from the people in Oakland:
blocking israeli ship offload in the port of Oakland!.

As you can see there are tons of possibilities/situations to work on (far too many if you ask me ...).
If you need tools to work on them, you can check out my
world healing meditation page.
At the moment I do not have a new world healing meditation as a group planned, I hope each one of you does whatever they can do in their own way ... :-)
Be blessed!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Healing Meditation - the oil spill

light mousepad - part of a series of products with similar designs by Anne VisOne evening last week I had a phone conversation with a friend about the BP oil spill. I said there are so many issues at the moment that I am working on (the freedom of Palestine is one of the most important world issues to me) and I had not had a special calling for this particular disaster, however terrible it is.
The very next morning a friend calls and invites
Knor and I to join her and go to the beach. So far so good. We set off in her car in a good mood (as it was a beautiful sunny day) and then, believe it or not: get lost on our way! (we both have been living here for many years). So we are driving through the West Harbour area of Amsterdam, and sure enough: we find ourselves on the plant of BP!!! So I guess the universe had something else in mind! I got the message and we started to do healing work at the spot ...

For some reason we got to talk about this again today and I was thinking about the time I used to organize regular meditations for world causes in my living room. I think this time it would be good to set a time and join in the ether. I have chosen the time of 6:00 PM on Sunday June 13 to do a meditation around the topic of the oil leak. This means it can focus on the source of the leak, the earth on the bottom of the ocean, the water in the ocean, the living creatures in the water and the air and the air, the coasts, etc, etc ... The time of 6:00 PM on a Sunday night is a powerful time as it coincides with the
lightbody work of Orin and Daben as taught by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. So already many other people are joining us! At this hour it is 9:00 AM in California, check the worldclock to see what time it is where you are. If you happen to be in the neighborhood and would like to tune in, you can contact me to arrange to be present in person.
I plan for a healing of at least 30 minutes, so from 6:00 till 6:30 PM Amsterdam time.
If you have never done anything like this before I invite you to check out our
healing meditation suggestions on our website.
I know it is a bit late to announce, but this is a spontaneous action and I hope you can join!

And yes, the mousepad has nothing to do with the topic we are talking about, you are right! :-) It happens to be part of my latest
series of design lines in our online store! :-)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Featured in Frontiers in Neuroscience

Intelligence - art by Anne VisI just discovered that one of our works is featured in Frontiers in Neuroscience, a scientific magazine on neuroscience.
Knor and I are pleased with the honor, but it would have been nice if we'd been notified and the agreements were honored ...

The Vision of an Artist

Make a Wish ... - art by Anne VisI came across an interesting article on the vision of artists on the site of Scientific American this morning. And then I am talking about the physical setting of the eyes!
If the eyes do not function right or do not cooperate well, the images created by the individual eye do not result in a proper representation of what is in front of us.
This can result in a loss of seeing of depth or other distortions of the image.
It is interesting that these things seem to be happening more often in artists than in the general population. Do artists really see something different than the rest of us?
An eye doctor diagnosed my eyes as having a tendency to wander outwards and a healer (who independently saw the same thing) interpreted this as having had a past life where my eyes were on the side of my head (wonder what species that must have been? :-); my past life as a cat? :-))
I wonder if the setting of the physical eyes is also related to the function of the third eye. There are stories of people who could find their way using their third eye as the physical eyes were blind. And then of course it also depends on what the brain does with the information provided ...
I guess a lot of what we see is dependent on our history and emotions. Which also explains why some art speaks to us and other work leaves us untouched ...

Friday, June 4, 2010


triptych-1 art by Anne VisI was looking at the latest crop circle designs and it got me inspired to create some abstracts, hence a brand new triptych! :-)
As my muse
Knor is very playful and easily shifts stuff around with her cute paws, the result does not look anywhere close to a crop circle! :-)
It was interesting to create a triptych, as I usually work on individual pieces and a triptych requires harmonizing the three pieces, even though they are still individual abstracts. They are available in our
online gallery.

Meantime we also added a sailboat card and magnet (as well as many other products) to our
online artstore, which has a sale for Father's Day. (for the sale you need to be quick!)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vision vs Politics?

Amazing Worlds - art by Anne VisIs it possible to find a politician with an inspiring vision?
This upcoming Dutch election there is a
new spiritual party, and indeed: there is a vision.
One of the obstacles in realizing this vision, is that it is vague, there are not enough good candidates and we have to work with what other countries are doing. And it is very hard to translate a vision of love into a reality where people attack others (as we saw happen again yesterday with the brutal pirate attack on an aid (!) ship for Gaza).

For a vision to work, it has to relate to something in people's daily life that they would really like to see different. And there has to be clarity in what kind of change would effectively accomplish that.
A while back Geert Wilders hit on something that apparently struck a chord with a lot of people. I know he is demonized everywhere, but let's just look at what is actually happening here. His biggest issue is the immigration (also see post on
scarf tax).
As I see it, there are two main issues underneath that really need to be addressed and are not found in the public discussions:
The first is the
overpopulation: there are simply too many people in this country (read: world). Not only does this affect the resources, but it also creates too much pollution and aggression. As most of the population growth here is from immigration, people simply see immigrants as the cause, which is only in part true.
None of the political parties truly addresses this issue in a broad sense, so maybe we need to invite
Sir David Attenborough for a lecture ...
The second big issue is our focus: we assume that we need to have economic growth. (here is where the spiritual party comes in)
In both causes the media play a foul role. They keep telling us the same myths over and over again, with as a result that everyone is panicking that economic growth slows and we get gray hair ...

Yes, we do get gray hair, and maybe that is not such a big deal at all. :-)
If we change our mentality (and some laws) and people over the age of 35 would still be considered acceptable candidates for jobs, these people that are now on social security, would still play a role in society. And they would take care of each other in a society that is more relaxed (no treadmills any more to reach economic goals!).
The issue of underpaying the people who do the real jobs will also need to be addressed in this model, because currently companies who want to enhance the economic growth do not pay enough to get local people to do the job: hence the call for cheap foreign workers who then get abused ... The recent strike of garbage workers illustrated how difficult it is for them to get a few more dimes, in stark contrast to the bank gangster who easily fill their pockets.
Oh, and did anybody mention that we might be better off demanding the money back from these bank people instead of having innocent citizens have to pay for the theft?

So back to our political reality.
The fight is over the mortgage tax-cuts.
It does not look like there is much hope for this country.
Hmmm ... wasn't it HOPE that got Obama in office ... ?
Politicians, think again!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Art reviews

Summer Sail ... - art by Anne VisDreaming of a warm and sunny summer, I found the ideal artwork to spark that feel! :-) Available in extra large size at my online gallery and as a free ecard.

This past weekend
Knor and I were invited to join a friend and visit the open galleries on the islands close to the Jordaan in Amsterdam. We chose to visit Ada Breedveld, Kate Wilkinson and Ans Markus.

Ada's work is delightful. She has a very distinct style in her work, which has the feel of a happy childhood. Her figures are all very overweight, but they still give a light and happy impression. Ada Breedveld is a well-known artist and she deserves it as her work is highly professional and impressive!

Kate Wilkinson is originally from the UK and she works with different materials, making collages, but not just your average or ordinary collage. Her work is well-thought out and jumps out with eye-catching figures and great color compositions. She uses beautiful and original materials to create stunning effects. Apart from large pieces, she also has a collection of smaller sized work, which I found absolutely delightful.

And then we visited Ans Markus' gallery, which personally is not my favorite. Many artists use their art to try to heal an unresolved past and I think Ans' work is an example of that. Mind you, her work is very skillful, it is just not something that I would want to have in my space ...

Talking about the healing effect of art: this is undoubtedly part of the process of creating art. For myself my art is also healing, and as I am usually in some sort of a trance when I create it, I hope it has the same effect on others ... :-)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Infidelity ...

Hot Summer Night - by Anne VisBeing unfaithful happens all too often and recently a Dutch politician was found out. Follows shame and shouting all around.
Just before this became public a good female friend of mine asked me if I would go after a guy that she would be dating (assuming we would fall for the same type of men, which we don't). I found this a very interesting question as of course a first reaction would be "Well, I sure would hope not!" But how can one be sure of such a thing, given a long history of humanity where it happens all the time? How can you know that your friendship is always going to be more important than this potential partner relationship when forced to choose? And how much control do you actually have over whom you fall in love with? I don't think anyone ever "planned" to fall in love ... it just happens ...
What you do with it is an entirely different matter.
For this politician things would probably have looked different when he would have first broken up with his wife and then after that started this new relationship (he now has lost his wife, his home, his job and what more ...)
If it would be your best friend's partner, one can wonder if there will ever be a winner ... or just tragedy striking? It seems that even being open about it before anything has happened, does not resolve this. I'd love to hear how you would handle such a situation. When the situation is not on it seems so easy to be all moralistic and say you won't go after your love ... but what about reality?
In politics it depends on which country you live in as well. In France it seems to be quite normal to maintain a "mistress" for men (haven't heard of women being with two guys at the same time, apparently a guy does not put up with a second male shagging his partner ...?)
And then of course we have the religious implications.
Coming back to this particular Dutch politician, he was from the same Christian party as the prime minister, who always talks about values and morality (but does not see a problem in starting an illegal war with millions of victims). At Fox news they are already laughing their heads off on hearing about values in the Netherlands, and it seems that they do have a point here ...

Meantime I have been creating quite a bit of new artwork, among them
templates for business cards. And Hot Summer Night (the image above) has been sparking my imagination and I have created several versions in different colors (which I usually don't do). Enjoy the different atmospheres! :-)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Healing the DNA

The Visionary - art by Anne VisKnor and I just returned from London, where we took a class in healing genetics. Reconnective Healing® works on the DNA, in the sense that it brings in new frequencies that affect the DNA and also help to set up the new strands (as it looks now there are twelve).
Vortexhealing® (which this class was about) goes a step further in even adding a new chromosome, the 24th pair. It is now at the stage of the blueprint, but looks very interesting as it already has an effect (more on the spiritual level). On the physical level so far I have not slept for two nights in a row at all and did not feel tired after working on this new chromosome. I assume this is temporary, it is probably still processing ... so who knows what will happen next! :-)

In my personal experience with
Reconnective Healing® the effects on the DNA are difficult to determine. Even after an outspoken result I do not know whether it was the effect on the DNA or maybe it was a profound healing on the emotional or another level.

As working on the genetic level is so profound and involves our blueprint, the question of free will comes up again. I've been struggling with this for a long time, as you can read in previous posts. In my view there is no such thing as "creating your own life". In this class it came up again and we discussed how only that which is free, has a choice. I think this is a brilliant thought as we are all so much into a web of conditioning. We are "life expressing itself" and experience the unfolding.
May beautiful things unfold for you ...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Space Images! :-)

I don't follow new age gurus who claim it is bad to follow the news on television (the vibrations are supposedly low) and thus Knor and I found ourselves watching an announcement of the Hubble space exhibit in the Marseille House in Amsterdam. Knor insisted we should go and trailed a good friend of us along.

Although a lot of the images are also on the internet, it was nice to see them on a huge scale and also did they have some videos that were fun to watch. It was so inspiring that when we got back home, it was difficult not to work on new space abstracts, as I call them, so you will see more of them! :-)

Imagekind has a free US ground shipping offer at the moment:
Anne Vis Imagekind Art GalleryDon't miss it!

And check out the new cards and gifts in the
online art store. A lot of our work is dreamy and romantic: we like to offer you a choice of beauty as a counterbalance in a world that is not always easy to deal with.

We also notice the need for balance through the huge number of
cat healing requests (first healing for a knor is free!). We thank you all for your contribution. Keep sending in the requests, as they do need help! The cats on this world do a lot of healing for their surroundings, and especially the layer that is close to earth. In that respect cats belong to the world where fairies also dwell ... :-)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Flower Inspiration

Summer Cocktail - by Anne VisSpring has arrived and as I am writing here, a blackbird is sitting outside singing beautiful songs.
Knor is watching him very intensely, probably wondering how she can jump on the roof next to us ... :-)
blackbirdYou can see it all looks pretty grey at the back of my house and the bird is really "lighting the place up", accompanied by a pigeon who listens in silence.
Inside my house looks like a flower shop at the moment and I have been busy taking pictures, which has led to a new series of floral artworks! :-)
I'll show you some here:
Floral art by Anne Vis
It's about how a birdsong and the images of flowers can bring joy ...
To listen to the blackbird:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Earth Day coming up!

I'd like to point out a great channeling by Kryon, mentioning a new way to desalinate sea water and create fresh water in an environment friendly and easy way as well as a new way to generate energy. This latter will be highly needed with the global cooling, as we have seen the beginnings of in the past two winters.
I hope somebody with a technical mind will work this out! :-)

Meantime I would also like to put our Earth Day design t-shirt in the spotlight, as well as a new series of buttons (slowly growing! ;-)) in our
online art store.
Earth Day T-shirt - design by Anne VisCat Button - design by Anne Vis

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring: time for dreams!

The Temptation - by Anne VisSpring is always a very inspiring time of year.
The time that our dreams seem to be more within reach ...
Change in the world outside facilitates growth and change inside. This is also true for the places you live and work: sometimes small changes can make you feel more "at home".

To make it easier for you, we have a
huge spring sale in our online gallery.
You won't find big flashing signs that there is a sale going on, but we just drastically lowered the prices of all art.
Sale only lasts until April, so make sure you take advantage of the opportunity!

Meantime we are still working on our grounding session. I thought it would be ready by now, but so many new ideas are popping up and they all need to be tested before I will offer them as a proper session, so please bear with us ...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Computer Health Analysis

Another Perspective by Anne VisIn the last six months I visited two alternative health practitioners who work with a computer to find a diagnosis. The reason for this research was that I have indications of a possible metal intoxication.

The first one is located in Amsterdam South and her name is Britta Jansen. She works with a Prognos computer program. She wires you up to her machine and then makes connections to several points on hands and feet and the computer tells her what is going on. She began to tell me that everything was out of balance (always nice to hear! ;-))) and then proceeded in a very patronizing way to tell me the reason was my amalgam fillings (unlike what she promised me on the phone, she was not able to diagnose any specific metal imbalance). She was honestly preaching, not knowing that I am also a dentist and probably have a lot more medical knowledge than she has. Even though obviously I am in favor of alternative ways to improve health, I think you still need to use common sense. This woman obviously has no clue about the dental implications in suggesting to remove all amalgam fillings. Think of all the damage you do to the teeth by drilling out the fillings (cavities become larger every time you put a drill on them) and also the sometimes poor choice in alternatives, both from a dental, but also from a general health point of view. In general you do your teeth a disservice, you pay an awful lot of money and your general health does not improve. Bad advice.
Then she went on with all the supplements I should take (a HUGE amount, which she sells herself ...). I decided to only try Chlorella, as it has a detox function and, according to Ms Jansen, should by itself give a huge improvement in my balance.
But after a few weeks I noticed that I was developing stomach problems, which I never had before. At first I did not make the connection with the Chlorella, but after I stopped taking it, the symptoms disappeared ...
You can imagine I was not impressed with Britta Jansen and neither her Prognos program.

So I decided last week to try another practitioner with another computer. This time I went to see René Martens, who has a Bicom computer system.
I was actually quite shocked to find that unlike the advertisement, this is in reality a pendulum based diagnosis, not very objective and not at all scientific.
At least I liked the guy, he was pleasant and nice and not demeaning, which helps.
According to his findings I have Lyme's disease (interestingly enough, he did not find any amalgam problems ...). I don't have the symptoms and it is very difficult to find an accurate diagnosis of Lyme's, so it will be very challenging to find truth in this matter. It would take at least ten sessions by Mr Martens to get rid of it ($$$!) ... The treatment consists of giving "counter-frequencies". As everything has a frequency, this might actually work. If I would have both the symptoms AND an accurate diagnosis, I might give it the benefit of the doubt ... but for now I think I pass ...

In conclusion it seems to me that there still needs to be a lot of improvement before the mentioned computer programs can offer a sound way of diagnosis. If given the choice, I would opt to go to someone with the Bicom computer over the Prognos.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


The Magic of Sunset - by Anne VisThis past week Knor and I were in London to attend a vortexhealing® class. I started with vortexhealing® in 2002 and did some classes and then for quite a while not much, until after the Reconnection® I found a new connection with the leylines and the earth grid. As there was a class in vortexhealing® last November which focused on the earth, I suddenly felt I wanted to be there and since then have felt the desire to explore some more.
This past class added something new to connecting with the earth and grounding.
I am working on developing a new type of session, which will also be a one-time thing to do (like the Reconnection
®) and in which I will use vortexhealing® and some brand new tools that I created myself. So keep following the news on my website, it should be ready some time next week. :-)

Meantime you can enjoy the new art at sunnysites or our online art gallery. The image above is called The Magic of Sunset.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Wave

The Wave - by Anne VisLast night the Dutch government fell.
This seems to be happening all the time, but this time I think we have a breakthrough as one party kept all original promises to the people and refused to continue a war.
This is the change we have been waiting for: no more wars!

What is so strange about the whole thing is that all CHRISTIAN parties in the government wanted war. A Christian minister of Defense (read: war)? Have they never heard of the teachings of Jesus Christ?

And something else: who is going to pay for all these wars?
Many people are screaming that the government should not be leaving as there is an economic crisis, but instead of finding solutions the late government was only aggravating the situation. A Christian party buying a Joint Strike Fighter? And that in these times? It's not like we are being attacked, this is a brutal invasion of another country under false pretenses.

So now that one party has found the courage to keep it's promises to the people, how can we make sure we keep out of trouble? It looks like only a full left wing government could keep us out of further wars, but the situation remains dire, as apparently 50% of the Dutch population is in favor of war. That is to me an incredible number, very shocking and indicative of the poor state of mind of the Dutch. The reasoning is as follows: there have been so many deaths and if we quit now all those deaths has been for nothing ... so lets continue so that more people can die for no reason.

I honestly pray we get peace not only in Afghanistan, but also in our government's headquarters at the Hague ... Wisdom and love are in high need ...

The art you see above is called "The Wave" and reflects how the under-currants can create real waves in society. Are we floating on top or are we going under?