Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Wave

The Wave - by Anne VisLast night the Dutch government fell.
This seems to be happening all the time, but this time I think we have a breakthrough as one party kept all original promises to the people and refused to continue a war.
This is the change we have been waiting for: no more wars!

What is so strange about the whole thing is that all CHRISTIAN parties in the government wanted war. A Christian minister of Defense (read: war)? Have they never heard of the teachings of Jesus Christ?

And something else: who is going to pay for all these wars?
Many people are screaming that the government should not be leaving as there is an economic crisis, but instead of finding solutions the late government was only aggravating the situation. A Christian party buying a Joint Strike Fighter? And that in these times? It's not like we are being attacked, this is a brutal invasion of another country under false pretenses.

So now that one party has found the courage to keep it's promises to the people, how can we make sure we keep out of trouble? It looks like only a full left wing government could keep us out of further wars, but the situation remains dire, as apparently 50% of the Dutch population is in favor of war. That is to me an incredible number, very shocking and indicative of the poor state of mind of the Dutch. The reasoning is as follows: there have been so many deaths and if we quit now all those deaths has been for nothing ... so lets continue so that more people can die for no reason.

I honestly pray we get peace not only in Afghanistan, but also in our government's headquarters at the Hague ... Wisdom and love are in high need ...

The art you see above is called "The Wave" and reflects how the under-currants can create real waves in society. Are we floating on top or are we going under?

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Sandy said...

Beautiful image!! I read with interest your post and I've often wondered when I have felt that it was the Christians who were the ones advocating war...weird.