Monday, March 15, 2010

Computer Health Analysis

Another Perspective by Anne VisIn the last six months I visited two alternative health practitioners who work with a computer to find a diagnosis. The reason for this research was that I have indications of a possible metal intoxication.

The first one is located in Amsterdam South and her name is Britta Jansen. She works with a Prognos computer program. She wires you up to her machine and then makes connections to several points on hands and feet and the computer tells her what is going on. She began to tell me that everything was out of balance (always nice to hear! ;-))) and then proceeded in a very patronizing way to tell me the reason was my amalgam fillings (unlike what she promised me on the phone, she was not able to diagnose any specific metal imbalance). She was honestly preaching, not knowing that I am also a dentist and probably have a lot more medical knowledge than she has. Even though obviously I am in favor of alternative ways to improve health, I think you still need to use common sense. This woman obviously has no clue about the dental implications in suggesting to remove all amalgam fillings. Think of all the damage you do to the teeth by drilling out the fillings (cavities become larger every time you put a drill on them) and also the sometimes poor choice in alternatives, both from a dental, but also from a general health point of view. In general you do your teeth a disservice, you pay an awful lot of money and your general health does not improve. Bad advice.
Then she went on with all the supplements I should take (a HUGE amount, which she sells herself ...). I decided to only try Chlorella, as it has a detox function and, according to Ms Jansen, should by itself give a huge improvement in my balance.
But after a few weeks I noticed that I was developing stomach problems, which I never had before. At first I did not make the connection with the Chlorella, but after I stopped taking it, the symptoms disappeared ...
You can imagine I was not impressed with Britta Jansen and neither her Prognos program.

So I decided last week to try another practitioner with another computer. This time I went to see René Martens, who has a Bicom computer system.
I was actually quite shocked to find that unlike the advertisement, this is in reality a pendulum based diagnosis, not very objective and not at all scientific.
At least I liked the guy, he was pleasant and nice and not demeaning, which helps.
According to his findings I have Lyme's disease (interestingly enough, he did not find any amalgam problems ...). I don't have the symptoms and it is very difficult to find an accurate diagnosis of Lyme's, so it will be very challenging to find truth in this matter. It would take at least ten sessions by Mr Martens to get rid of it ($$$!) ... The treatment consists of giving "counter-frequencies". As everything has a frequency, this might actually work. If I would have both the symptoms AND an accurate diagnosis, I might give it the benefit of the doubt ... but for now I think I pass ...

In conclusion it seems to me that there still needs to be a lot of improvement before the mentioned computer programs can offer a sound way of diagnosis. If given the choice, I would opt to go to someone with the Bicom computer over the Prognos.

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