Saturday, March 6, 2010


The Magic of Sunset - by Anne VisThis past week Knor and I were in London to attend a vortexhealing® class. I started with vortexhealing® in 2002 and did some classes and then for quite a while not much, until after the Reconnection® I found a new connection with the leylines and the earth grid. As there was a class in vortexhealing® last November which focused on the earth, I suddenly felt I wanted to be there and since then have felt the desire to explore some more.
This past class added something new to connecting with the earth and grounding.
I am working on developing a new type of session, which will also be a one-time thing to do (like the Reconnection
®) and in which I will use vortexhealing® and some brand new tools that I created myself. So keep following the news on my website, it should be ready some time next week. :-)

Meantime you can enjoy the new art at sunnysites or our online art gallery. The image above is called The Magic of Sunset.

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Anonymous said...

You always go to such interesting workshops! When you talk about the Earth and ley lines - I wondered have you read The Camino by Shirley Mclaine? She talsks about feeling the energy of the earth in the pilgrim path to Santiago de Compostella in Spain.