Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Space Images! :-)

I don't follow new age gurus who claim it is bad to follow the news on television (the vibrations are supposedly low) and thus Knor and I found ourselves watching an announcement of the Hubble space exhibit in the Marseille House in Amsterdam. Knor insisted we should go and trailed a good friend of us along.

Although a lot of the images are also on the internet, it was nice to see them on a huge scale and also did they have some videos that were fun to watch. It was so inspiring that when we got back home, it was difficult not to work on new space abstracts, as I call them, so you will see more of them! :-)

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Flower Inspiration

Summer Cocktail - by Anne VisSpring has arrived and as I am writing here, a blackbird is sitting outside singing beautiful songs.
Knor is watching him very intensely, probably wondering how she can jump on the roof next to us ... :-)
blackbirdYou can see it all looks pretty grey at the back of my house and the bird is really "lighting the place up", accompanied by a pigeon who listens in silence.
Inside my house looks like a flower shop at the moment and I have been busy taking pictures, which has led to a new series of floral artworks! :-)
I'll show you some here:
Floral art by Anne Vis
It's about how a birdsong and the images of flowers can bring joy ...
To listen to the blackbird:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Earth Day coming up!

I'd like to point out a great channeling by Kryon, mentioning a new way to desalinate sea water and create fresh water in an environment friendly and easy way as well as a new way to generate energy. This latter will be highly needed with the global cooling, as we have seen the beginnings of in the past two winters.
I hope somebody with a technical mind will work this out! :-)

Meantime I would also like to put our Earth Day design t-shirt in the spotlight, as well as a new series of buttons (slowly growing! ;-)) in our
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Earth Day T-shirt - design by Anne VisCat Button - design by Anne Vis