Friday, May 7, 2010

Healing the DNA

The Visionary - art by Anne VisKnor and I just returned from London, where we took a class in healing genetics. Reconnective Healing® works on the DNA, in the sense that it brings in new frequencies that affect the DNA and also help to set up the new strands (as it looks now there are twelve).
Vortexhealing® (which this class was about) goes a step further in even adding a new chromosome, the 24th pair. It is now at the stage of the blueprint, but looks very interesting as it already has an effect (more on the spiritual level). On the physical level so far I have not slept for two nights in a row at all and did not feel tired after working on this new chromosome. I assume this is temporary, it is probably still processing ... so who knows what will happen next! :-)

In my personal experience with
Reconnective Healing® the effects on the DNA are difficult to determine. Even after an outspoken result I do not know whether it was the effect on the DNA or maybe it was a profound healing on the emotional or another level.

As working on the genetic level is so profound and involves our blueprint, the question of free will comes up again. I've been struggling with this for a long time, as you can read in previous posts. In my view there is no such thing as "creating your own life". In this class it came up again and we discussed how only that which is free, has a choice. I think this is a brilliant thought as we are all so much into a web of conditioning. We are "life expressing itself" and experience the unfolding.
May beautiful things unfold for you ...

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