Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Earth Healing Meditation - the oil spill (2)

A New Morning -art by Anne VisThe news about the gulf is increasingly worrisome and I have decided to do another group healing meditation on this topic on Sunday July 4 at 9:00 AM California time and 6:00 PM Amsterdam time.
I know it's Fourth of July celebration but real independence also means being free of the terror of oil spills I assume? :-)
I just read this article about it:
by David Icke. He confirms what I saw in the last group meditation, where a lot of my focus was on the board of BP. It is very hard to imagine that anyone could be doing such a thing on purpose ... yet that seems to be the case ...

As in the previous meditations: if you are new to this, you can visit the
meditation page on my website for ideas!
I hope to meet you in the energy field! :-)

I added an artwork called A New Morning ... I thought it would be nice as a focus of what we would like (instead) ... :-)
Also nice is that I found this week that HUGE eel are living right in front of my house in the canal, so beautiful! I wish them a free and happy long life, which I also wish for all other creatures on the planet (including fish, birds and people in the Gulf area right now! :-)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Earth Healing Meditation - Nigeria and Palestine

Majestic Vision - art by Anne VisOK, so the last world healing meditation went well and several people were able to join, despite my late announcement. Thank you all!

After the meditation, I watched
Zembla, a Dutch documentary series that this time was about the oil spill by Shell in Nigeria. They claim it is even worse than the Gulf oil spill ... (is that possible?) People do not have clean drinking water, large parts of the land are so polluted by oil spills that the trees have died and no crops can grow. People have no means to survive as their sources of food and income have gone. All fish has died ...
The healing work continues ...

Also in the Middle East, where the israelis are doing their best to exterminate the Palestinians.
I just found a link to a similar type of crime as the Shell disaster in Nigeria, be it that the intent is even more malicious:
the israeli dumping of nuclear waste on Palestinian land.
Given the long record of israeli crimes, nothing should surprise us any more ...

Here is a great reaction from the people in Oakland:
blocking israeli ship offload in the port of Oakland!.

As you can see there are tons of possibilities/situations to work on (far too many if you ask me ...).
If you need tools to work on them, you can check out my
world healing meditation page.
At the moment I do not have a new world healing meditation as a group planned, I hope each one of you does whatever they can do in their own way ... :-)
Be blessed!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Healing Meditation - the oil spill

light mousepad - part of a series of products with similar designs by Anne VisOne evening last week I had a phone conversation with a friend about the BP oil spill. I said there are so many issues at the moment that I am working on (the freedom of Palestine is one of the most important world issues to me) and I had not had a special calling for this particular disaster, however terrible it is.
The very next morning a friend calls and invites
Knor and I to join her and go to the beach. So far so good. We set off in her car in a good mood (as it was a beautiful sunny day) and then, believe it or not: get lost on our way! (we both have been living here for many years). So we are driving through the West Harbour area of Amsterdam, and sure enough: we find ourselves on the plant of BP!!! So I guess the universe had something else in mind! I got the message and we started to do healing work at the spot ...

For some reason we got to talk about this again today and I was thinking about the time I used to organize regular meditations for world causes in my living room. I think this time it would be good to set a time and join in the ether. I have chosen the time of 6:00 PM on Sunday June 13 to do a meditation around the topic of the oil leak. This means it can focus on the source of the leak, the earth on the bottom of the ocean, the water in the ocean, the living creatures in the water and the air and the air, the coasts, etc, etc ... The time of 6:00 PM on a Sunday night is a powerful time as it coincides with the
lightbody work of Orin and Daben as taught by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. So already many other people are joining us! At this hour it is 9:00 AM in California, check the worldclock to see what time it is where you are. If you happen to be in the neighborhood and would like to tune in, you can contact me to arrange to be present in person.
I plan for a healing of at least 30 minutes, so from 6:00 till 6:30 PM Amsterdam time.
If you have never done anything like this before I invite you to check out our
healing meditation suggestions on our website.
I know it is a bit late to announce, but this is a spontaneous action and I hope you can join!

And yes, the mousepad has nothing to do with the topic we are talking about, you are right! :-) It happens to be part of my latest
series of design lines in our online store! :-)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Featured in Frontiers in Neuroscience

Intelligence - art by Anne VisI just discovered that one of our works is featured in Frontiers in Neuroscience, a scientific magazine on neuroscience.
Knor and I are pleased with the honor, but it would have been nice if we'd been notified and the agreements were honored ...

The Vision of an Artist

Make a Wish ... - art by Anne VisI came across an interesting article on the vision of artists on the site of Scientific American this morning. And then I am talking about the physical setting of the eyes!
If the eyes do not function right or do not cooperate well, the images created by the individual eye do not result in a proper representation of what is in front of us.
This can result in a loss of seeing of depth or other distortions of the image.
It is interesting that these things seem to be happening more often in artists than in the general population. Do artists really see something different than the rest of us?
An eye doctor diagnosed my eyes as having a tendency to wander outwards and a healer (who independently saw the same thing) interpreted this as having had a past life where my eyes were on the side of my head (wonder what species that must have been? :-); my past life as a cat? :-))
I wonder if the setting of the physical eyes is also related to the function of the third eye. There are stories of people who could find their way using their third eye as the physical eyes were blind. And then of course it also depends on what the brain does with the information provided ...
I guess a lot of what we see is dependent on our history and emotions. Which also explains why some art speaks to us and other work leaves us untouched ...

Friday, June 4, 2010


triptych-1 art by Anne VisI was looking at the latest crop circle designs and it got me inspired to create some abstracts, hence a brand new triptych! :-)
As my muse
Knor is very playful and easily shifts stuff around with her cute paws, the result does not look anywhere close to a crop circle! :-)
It was interesting to create a triptych, as I usually work on individual pieces and a triptych requires harmonizing the three pieces, even though they are still individual abstracts. They are available in our
online gallery.

Meantime we also added a sailboat card and magnet (as well as many other products) to our
online artstore, which has a sale for Father's Day. (for the sale you need to be quick!)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vision vs Politics?

Amazing Worlds - art by Anne VisIs it possible to find a politician with an inspiring vision?
This upcoming Dutch election there is a
new spiritual party, and indeed: there is a vision.
One of the obstacles in realizing this vision, is that it is vague, there are not enough good candidates and we have to work with what other countries are doing. And it is very hard to translate a vision of love into a reality where people attack others (as we saw happen again yesterday with the brutal pirate attack on an aid (!) ship for Gaza).

For a vision to work, it has to relate to something in people's daily life that they would really like to see different. And there has to be clarity in what kind of change would effectively accomplish that.
A while back Geert Wilders hit on something that apparently struck a chord with a lot of people. I know he is demonized everywhere, but let's just look at what is actually happening here. His biggest issue is the immigration (also see post on
scarf tax).
As I see it, there are two main issues underneath that really need to be addressed and are not found in the public discussions:
The first is the
overpopulation: there are simply too many people in this country (read: world). Not only does this affect the resources, but it also creates too much pollution and aggression. As most of the population growth here is from immigration, people simply see immigrants as the cause, which is only in part true.
None of the political parties truly addresses this issue in a broad sense, so maybe we need to invite
Sir David Attenborough for a lecture ...
The second big issue is our focus: we assume that we need to have economic growth. (here is where the spiritual party comes in)
In both causes the media play a foul role. They keep telling us the same myths over and over again, with as a result that everyone is panicking that economic growth slows and we get gray hair ...

Yes, we do get gray hair, and maybe that is not such a big deal at all. :-)
If we change our mentality (and some laws) and people over the age of 35 would still be considered acceptable candidates for jobs, these people that are now on social security, would still play a role in society. And they would take care of each other in a society that is more relaxed (no treadmills any more to reach economic goals!).
The issue of underpaying the people who do the real jobs will also need to be addressed in this model, because currently companies who want to enhance the economic growth do not pay enough to get local people to do the job: hence the call for cheap foreign workers who then get abused ... The recent strike of garbage workers illustrated how difficult it is for them to get a few more dimes, in stark contrast to the bank gangster who easily fill their pockets.
Oh, and did anybody mention that we might be better off demanding the money back from these bank people instead of having innocent citizens have to pay for the theft?

So back to our political reality.
The fight is over the mortgage tax-cuts.
It does not look like there is much hope for this country.
Hmmm ... wasn't it HOPE that got Obama in office ... ?
Politicians, think again!