Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Earth Healing Meditation - Nigeria and Palestine

Majestic Vision - art by Anne VisOK, so the last world healing meditation went well and several people were able to join, despite my late announcement. Thank you all!

After the meditation, I watched
Zembla, a Dutch documentary series that this time was about the oil spill by Shell in Nigeria. They claim it is even worse than the Gulf oil spill ... (is that possible?) People do not have clean drinking water, large parts of the land are so polluted by oil spills that the trees have died and no crops can grow. People have no means to survive as their sources of food and income have gone. All fish has died ...
The healing work continues ...

Also in the Middle East, where the israelis are doing their best to exterminate the Palestinians.
I just found a link to a similar type of crime as the Shell disaster in Nigeria, be it that the intent is even more malicious:
the israeli dumping of nuclear waste on Palestinian land.
Given the long record of israeli crimes, nothing should surprise us any more ...

Here is a great reaction from the people in Oakland:
blocking israeli ship offload in the port of Oakland!.

As you can see there are tons of possibilities/situations to work on (far too many if you ask me ...).
If you need tools to work on them, you can check out my
world healing meditation page.
At the moment I do not have a new world healing meditation as a group planned, I hope each one of you does whatever they can do in their own way ... :-)
Be blessed!

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