Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Earth Healing Meditation - the oil spill (2)

A New Morning -art by Anne VisThe news about the gulf is increasingly worrisome and I have decided to do another group healing meditation on this topic on Sunday July 4 at 9:00 AM California time and 6:00 PM Amsterdam time.
I know it's Fourth of July celebration but real independence also means being free of the terror of oil spills I assume? :-)
I just read this article about it:
by David Icke. He confirms what I saw in the last group meditation, where a lot of my focus was on the board of BP. It is very hard to imagine that anyone could be doing such a thing on purpose ... yet that seems to be the case ...

As in the previous meditations: if you are new to this, you can visit the
meditation page on my website for ideas!
I hope to meet you in the energy field! :-)

I added an artwork called A New Morning ... I thought it would be nice as a focus of what we would like (instead) ... :-)
Also nice is that I found this week that HUGE eel are living right in front of my house in the canal, so beautiful! I wish them a free and happy long life, which I also wish for all other creatures on the planet (including fish, birds and people in the Gulf area right now! :-)


Sandy said...

This is a beauty. I use to read David, haven't in a long time so don't know his "take" on this.

I like your zazzle shop.

Anne Vis said...

Thanks for your nice comments, Sandy!