Friday, June 4, 2010


triptych-1 art by Anne VisI was looking at the latest crop circle designs and it got me inspired to create some abstracts, hence a brand new triptych! :-)
As my muse
Knor is very playful and easily shifts stuff around with her cute paws, the result does not look anywhere close to a crop circle! :-)
It was interesting to create a triptych, as I usually work on individual pieces and a triptych requires harmonizing the three pieces, even though they are still individual abstracts. They are available in our
online gallery.

Meantime we also added a sailboat card and magnet (as well as many other products) to our
online artstore, which has a sale for Father's Day. (for the sale you need to be quick!)


Will said...

Yeah the people who make the crop circles are amazing artists. I looked at your gallery, some of the space abstracts are stunning.

Anne Vis said...

Thanks so much, Will! Have a beautiful weekend!

Anonymous said...

I think the real crop circle artists are not those who tromp the designs out in the fields. How about you?

I like your examples.

Anne Vis said...

Thanks, Abe! I think the source of the crop circles is an interesting topic. I do not believe they are all of human origin ...