Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Vision of an Artist

Make a Wish ... - art by Anne VisI came across an interesting article on the vision of artists on the site of Scientific American this morning. And then I am talking about the physical setting of the eyes!
If the eyes do not function right or do not cooperate well, the images created by the individual eye do not result in a proper representation of what is in front of us.
This can result in a loss of seeing of depth or other distortions of the image.
It is interesting that these things seem to be happening more often in artists than in the general population. Do artists really see something different than the rest of us?
An eye doctor diagnosed my eyes as having a tendency to wander outwards and a healer (who independently saw the same thing) interpreted this as having had a past life where my eyes were on the side of my head (wonder what species that must have been? :-); my past life as a cat? :-))
I wonder if the setting of the physical eyes is also related to the function of the third eye. There are stories of people who could find their way using their third eye as the physical eyes were blind. And then of course it also depends on what the brain does with the information provided ...
I guess a lot of what we see is dependent on our history and emotions. Which also explains why some art speaks to us and other work leaves us untouched ...

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