Monday, July 12, 2010

Behind The Game

Green Bicycle t-shirt - art by Anne VisThe morning after: we are licking our wounds as Knor would phrase it. There is so much more than meets the eye around this entire soccer game.

I don't like games and this one is no exception. So I was sitting outside along the canal with a good book. Then suddenly it become uncannily silent. In stark contrast to the previous games, during which there was a lot of noise. I could feel a sudden heaviness in the atmosphere and I instantly knew the Dutch were going to lose.
This is what I call a physical and literal experience of collective karma. Maybe something coming back from 80 years of war between the Netherlands and Spain?
If you are feeling down, it may help to ask the angels to be released from this collective karma.

Then after it continued to be so strangely silent and it got late, I went back home and watched a few minutes of the game (towards the end). That's when I found the next shocking thing: something apparently went wrong with the subliminal messages and they suddenly were not so subliminal any more. I could not bear watching, as I saw messages like: "You are powerless", "We control you" and such. This is what has been going around in the world of "conspiracy theories" for a long time, but I had never actually perceived it so clearly myself. Unfortunately most conspiracy theories are closer to the truth than what our regular media want us to believe.
I am not sure what to do about this, except not watch these broadcasts.

The point underneath is that although many people want us to believe that soccer games "unite", the opposite is true. They are based on competition.
I could not help to fantasize about what else we could have done TOGETHER with Spain, which would have been productive and joyful. I am thinking about the progress Spain is making in the field of alternative energy sources. I know in the Netherlands TNO has been working on geothermic energy sources, which is a very hopeful development. You can also find this back in the
Kryon channelings.

Meantime, I have started a series of
t-shirts for bike lovers, one of which you can see above.
I guess I don't need to add that this has nothing to do with certain bicycle games in France ... :-)

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