Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Achilles' Heel

A Place to Rest - art by Anne VisThe chain is just as strong as it weakest link. This becomes very clear in the mythology of Achilles, who was invincible after being immersed in the river Styx by his mother ... who held his heel: the place that would eventually be his death.

I have recently been looking into the issues in the Achilles' heel from an energetic point of view and made some interesting discoveries.
Oftentimes the stories of these myths run very deep into human consciousness, and the myth of Achilles makes no exception.
What I saw was quite a lot of survival issues held in this tendon (as well as in the rest of the heel by the way). It won't surprise you that clearing these out, will have an effect on the overall energy system of the person.
The amount of tension in this tendon also affects the overall tension in the body.
Maybe truly a matter of strengthening the weakest link and increasing the overall strength for the entire body?
I am currently running a series of experiments to see how this works out ...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

DNA - continued ...

The Magical Connection - art by Anne VisReconnective Healing® works on the DNA and I am interested in what is going on there. A couple of months ago I took a Vortexhealing® class on genetics, which helped me to bridge my consciousness deeper into the DNA.
As mentioned earlier, I love to listen to the
Kryon channelings. He regularly talks about DNA, and as it happens, there is just a new one online, about the healing qualities in the DNA.
When I could not sleep last weekend as my new cute neighbor boys threw a party, I decided to work on my DNA, as instructed by Kryon: activating the Lemurian DNA.
I had been reading all afternoon about Lemuria and found that the Lemurians built a city underneath Mt Shasta in California, called Telos.
So I asked Merlin and Master St Germain to create a portal for me to Telos.
Then I asked for an upgrade and activation in my DNA.

The effect was very interesting.
I had no idea as to what to expect when I started this, but I quite soon felt a real connection to the Mt Shasta area and then found myself connected inside the DNA (as I also experienced in the Vortexhealing class).
Meantime my body was trembling. It actually felt like I was lying on top of a washing machine in the final stages of the laundry process ... :-)
It was quite bizarre.
Next night same thing happened. And after two nights of barely sleeping, I felt great! :-)
It's like I feel more grounded and at the same time more expanded. It's hard to say if there is any real tangible effect in a certain area or so, yet I definitely feel like something (mysterious) happened.

Since then I have received a lot of new inspiration for the new healing sessions I am in the process of developing. I wrote about that quite a while back, thinking I would get something together pretty quickly. It turns out that is going to be a very lengthy process and may still take quite a while. The amount of material turns out to be huge and I need to feel deep as to what is actually working, and what is still in "imaginary" state.
As Kryon says: we can grow new limbs ... the sky is the limit!
But it looks like it is important to do the work on the ground now!