Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Achilles' Heel

A Place to Rest - art by Anne VisThe chain is just as strong as it weakest link. This becomes very clear in the mythology of Achilles, who was invincible after being immersed in the river Styx by his mother ... who held his heel: the place that would eventually be his death.

I have recently been looking into the issues in the Achilles' heel from an energetic point of view and made some interesting discoveries.
Oftentimes the stories of these myths run very deep into human consciousness, and the myth of Achilles makes no exception.
What I saw was quite a lot of survival issues held in this tendon (as well as in the rest of the heel by the way). It won't surprise you that clearing these out, will have an effect on the overall energy system of the person.
The amount of tension in this tendon also affects the overall tension in the body.
Maybe truly a matter of strengthening the weakest link and increasing the overall strength for the entire body?
I am currently running a series of experiments to see how this works out ...


Anonymous said...

Interesting. We all have our weaknesses - but how boring life would be if we didn't!

I think the archytypal stories have so many levels and layers - they are still teaching us after several millennia of the telling.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the days of basic training in the army. On the rifle range groups took turns in a pit looking up at the target the others were shooting at. We watched the bullet hits and then held up a stake with a black bulls eye on it and located that over the hole their last bullet made. If they missed the target we held up a stick with a reg rag on it and it was called, "Maggie's Drawers." The thing was that we had to wear our steel helmets while in the pits looking up and that put a lot of strain on the neck muscles as it weighed 9 pounds. And we would all have sore neck muscles for a week afterwards.