Tuesday, August 3, 2010

DNA - continued ...

The Magical Connection - art by Anne VisReconnective Healing® works on the DNA and I am interested in what is going on there. A couple of months ago I took a Vortexhealing® class on genetics, which helped me to bridge my consciousness deeper into the DNA.
As mentioned earlier, I love to listen to the
Kryon channelings. He regularly talks about DNA, and as it happens, there is just a new one online, about the healing qualities in the DNA.
When I could not sleep last weekend as my new cute neighbor boys threw a party, I decided to work on my DNA, as instructed by Kryon: activating the Lemurian DNA.
I had been reading all afternoon about Lemuria and found that the Lemurians built a city underneath Mt Shasta in California, called Telos.
So I asked Merlin and Master St Germain to create a portal for me to Telos.
Then I asked for an upgrade and activation in my DNA.

The effect was very interesting.
I had no idea as to what to expect when I started this, but I quite soon felt a real connection to the Mt Shasta area and then found myself connected inside the DNA (as I also experienced in the Vortexhealing class).
Meantime my body was trembling. It actually felt like I was lying on top of a washing machine in the final stages of the laundry process ... :-)
It was quite bizarre.
Next night same thing happened. And after two nights of barely sleeping, I felt great! :-)
It's like I feel more grounded and at the same time more expanded. It's hard to say if there is any real tangible effect in a certain area or so, yet I definitely feel like something (mysterious) happened.

Since then I have received a lot of new inspiration for the new healing sessions I am in the process of developing. I wrote about that quite a while back, thinking I would get something together pretty quickly. It turns out that is going to be a very lengthy process and may still take quite a while. The amount of material turns out to be huge and I need to feel deep as to what is actually working, and what is still in "imaginary" state.
As Kryon says: we can grow new limbs ... the sky is the limit!
But it looks like it is important to do the work on the ground now!

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