Thursday, September 16, 2010

Snowboarding to Nirvana

Shining - art by Anne VisUp till now I had not been able to find good literature on time travel, as most writing is about traveling outside the body and I am interested in traveling in my physical body (as I spontaneously experienced a while back). I recently found a book called Snowboarding to Nirvana by Frederick Lenz (recommended by somebody I met) and just finished it.
Throughout most of the book I suspected it wasn't going to come up, but there it was: on the last page! :-) However, I found it an interesting and entertaining, easy to read book about Buddhism and how to live life in truth. Probably also inspiring for those of us who are into snowboarding ( no, not my cup of tea! :-)).

One of the reasons I had starting reading and not doing anything else has to do with Knor's disappearance ... After all: what is an artist without a muse? My spiritual cat Knor is usually by my side as I create new artwork and then she "messes" with stuff ... which I call the inspiration :-)
Now cats do go away sometimes, but Knor usually would come back within a few days. Don't know whether she'll be back this time and if so, when ...
If you do not see the spiritual energy, you can recognize her presence by the following signs:

  • You are giggling more than usual

  • You are suddenly telling people things that you would not normally do and then find everyone around you in stitches

  • unexpected "cat appearances", like when you are looking for a house and it goes through a cat, or you find yourself on websites with cats and are wondering how on earth you got there ...

  • an undeniable urge to write and when you start writing the story is suddenly being taken over by a cat

  • watch for spontaneous changes in the flow of things

  • the cashier in the supermarket is distracted and starts adding the cat food for the next customer to your groceries

  • any time the energy gets "bubbly" and lively, filled with humor ... :-)
Anyone who has seen her is asked to please send her back to me (I realize this will be a hard thing to do, as you probably easily will fall in love with her ...)
All help appreciated! :-)

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