Sunday, October 17, 2010

Unicorns and Enlightenment

When I signed up for a vortexhealing® class in 2002 I thought I was going to learn more about healing. And this is indeed true, but now that I have moved to the new advanced classes, I find that more emphasis is on "waking up".

OK, I get that it is nice that to have no conditioning any more, if ever it is possible to reach that state ... and yes, that will have an impact on the body and it's physical health.
Be free, yes, I could sign up for that!
But what on earth is all this enlightening/waking up stuff about?
In the eighties you had these guru type of guys (for some reason women do not assume the guru role the same way apparently ...) who had an entire audience of "devotees" who believed everything they would say, which in my view would mainly be utter nonsense ... (the Andrew Cohen type of stuff).
I mean: how much time can you spend listening to absolutely NOTHING? (and I am not talking about the inner silence now ...)
Oh well ...

Anyway, I decided to give it a new try, as I am not even convinced that it would be something to actually WANT ... given the image of apathy and not being interested in anything life has to offer any more ... In which case the vortexhealing® may not be my best choice now ...

Although it is probably real difficult to get a grasp of what it is about by reading a book, by lack of better, I have found a couple of books on the subject.
I started with Jed McKenna: Spiritual Enlightenment - the damnedest thing. Yes, a guy again. And yes, he has the "devotee" thing hanging around him, so nothing new there.
There are a couple of interesting thoughts that come up in this book (and I haven't finished it yet). One of them is the search for truth ... That is actually already where it starts ...
And where he already loses me as I don't believe that there is such a thing as "one truth" or the ultimate truth? That sounds like all those who say that we live in an illusion ... I recommend trying to bang your head against the wall and tell us how illusionary that feels ... :-) In my world there are many different dimensions and realities and each of them as true as the next ... just a different vibration ... and yes, very fun to explore! :-)

Another interesting aspect of this is the idea of some that it entails a constant happy and being in "oneness" kind of thing, whereas others say it is only about (the "ugly"?) truth ... Which is it? I don't know! :-)

I guess I just continue with vortexhealing® as it makes me feel better, which seems to me a valid reason enough ... don't know if I'll ever "get" that enlightenment thing ... will keep you posted on that and I trust you will let me know when I am talking too much nonsense! :-)

Meantime the image you see above is the result of the constant and abundant appearance of horses on my path ... they seem to be literally everywhere! Even this morning. I was walking a trail with a friend and we regularly go the same way ... never saw a horse there, until today ... One came by to say hi and give a hug ... I wonder what they try to tell me ... to be continued ...

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