Monday, October 25, 2010

Water crystals

Love is: "When your Knor is lost, I will send you a thousand new ones! :-)"
This was something a client said to me and then she sent me a book with funny knors! Thanks so much, that is so delightful! :-)
Of course my special muse Knor can't be as easily replaced.
So meantime, as I keep finding horses everywhere I go, I try to figure out their language ... As you can see above, I may not be too successful at interpreting them yet ... :-)
This image and others are on sale at Imagekind (20% off!) at the moment, so take your chance!

I also found something new on the topic of health. That is: new to me.
A friend of mine brought me a Tornado Tube with fitting bottles for water.
Most of you will have heard about the research by Dr. Emoto Masaru on the structure of water crystals. As my friend (who is a physicist) explained, regular tap water contains clusters of molecules that don't have a beneficial effect on health. Now with spinning the water to the left, the clusters apparently break down. This can be done by connecting two bottles with the Tornado Tube and then spinning them to the left a couple of times, creating a vortex. If you spin them to the right you can reprogram them, for instance with love, gratitude, gratefulness ...
I have compared the taste from before and after, and must say I am impressed!
If you have kids, they'll enjoy this, as apparently this is originally a toy! :-)
Another big thank you is in order! :-)


catazone said...

Hi Anne,
Once I was approached by a horse fro up wind and it made a loud head shake soundz very near my neck. I was really charged by the experience especially after instant 180 degree jump. The horse looked at me through one eye then turning its head the other. I offered it some of my peanut-butter sandwich. It didn't even twitch a nostril. I did another 180 giving it my back again to sAY i TRUSTED IT. a MOMENT LATER I TURNED AND IT WAS GONE AND i COULD SEE FOR MILES!

Anne Vis said...

What a beautiful story, Greg, thanks for sharing!