Thursday, December 23, 2010

Distance Healings for Cats

Last night I attended a world peace meditation at the San Francisco Center of Master Sha Soul Healing.
I had seen Dr. Sha a few years ago at the New Living Expo and was not very impressed back then, but decided to find out what my experience would be now. The evening consisted mostly of chanting, but also some dance and meditation and was very enjoyable.

Just before I went to this event I received a request for a Knor Healing and I got a beautiful picture of a ginger tabby cat. I decided to postpone the healing to today, as I wanted to attend this world peace meditation.
But guess what: Knor decided he did not want to wait and joined me at the meditation! I have had this experience once before, when a kitty that I had received a healing request for, decided to chime in in a world healing meditation. It feels like cats enjoy this energy, and probably they are actually contributing to the healing as well.
In my experience cats play a powerful role in healing the earth and the layers closest to the ground. They also heal humans in their surroundings.
In Japan this has led to cat cafes, where people can enjoy a "knor-fix". Certainly a wonderful idea ... I envision a Starbucks Knor Fix! :-)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas with Adyashanti

Adyashanti had a Christmas special yesterday and as several people recommended him, I decided to check it out.
He was telling the story of Jesus' life from a spiritual point of view.
Striking was that he said it is not about the teachings, but Jesus' life IS the teaching ... teaching us about the path of awakening ...
It was quite some Christmas gathering ... very joyful and insightful.
Other people present said it was very different from Adyashanti's usual gatherings, so maybe I need to check out one of those at some point too.
He also has a new book, called Falling into Grace, insights on the end of suffering. I postponed buying it, as I don't like traveling with heavy hardcovers, but it looks very interesting. After all: who does not want to end the suffering?
Wishing you a very happy and merry Christmas!
(and don't forget to check out the free Holiday Ecards! :-)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Kryon Channelings

As a Reconnective Healing® practitioner it is always interesting to learn more about DNA.
Lee Carroll now has a new book, called The twelve layers of DNA.
This was presented in his last seminar, last Saturday in San Rafael (CA).
I had never heard a Kryon channeling "live", and found that Lee is a great speaker and channel, who also had great stories to share about his travels around the world.
I could not resist asking about the concept of time travel or teleportation, but according to Lee this will only be possible as we have developed our DNA for 100%. Anybody who thinks it can be done before that, please let me know! :-)
I don't find flying much fun anymore, as you undoubtly have seen with all the jokes around the bodyscanner and TSA groping ... Not so funny indeed ... the lastest mail I got around this topic said something along the lines of "Mention Al Qaida and get a free colonoscopy!" :-)
All the more reason to get serious around developing your DNA!

If you have read my website, you will have noticed that I currently only offer distance healings. Don't let that deter you: in Reconnective Healing® the energies get stronger at a larger distance! :-)