Thursday, December 23, 2010

Distance Healings for Cats

Last night I attended a world peace meditation at the San Francisco Center of Master Sha Soul Healing.
I had seen Dr. Sha a few years ago at the New Living Expo and was not very impressed back then, but decided to find out what my experience would be now. The evening consisted mostly of chanting, but also some dance and meditation and was very enjoyable.

Just before I went to this event I received a request for a Knor Healing and I got a beautiful picture of a ginger tabby cat. I decided to postpone the healing to today, as I wanted to attend this world peace meditation.
But guess what: Knor decided he did not want to wait and joined me at the meditation! I have had this experience once before, when a kitty that I had received a healing request for, decided to chime in in a world healing meditation. It feels like cats enjoy this energy, and probably they are actually contributing to the healing as well.
In my experience cats play a powerful role in healing the earth and the layers closest to the ground. They also heal humans in their surroundings.
In Japan this has led to cat cafes, where people can enjoy a "knor-fix". Certainly a wonderful idea ... I envision a Starbucks Knor Fix! :-)

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