Monday, December 6, 2010

Kryon Channelings

As a Reconnective Healing® practitioner it is always interesting to learn more about DNA.
Lee Carroll now has a new book, called The twelve layers of DNA.
This was presented in his last seminar, last Saturday in San Rafael (CA).
I had never heard a Kryon channeling "live", and found that Lee is a great speaker and channel, who also had great stories to share about his travels around the world.
I could not resist asking about the concept of time travel or teleportation, but according to Lee this will only be possible as we have developed our DNA for 100%. Anybody who thinks it can be done before that, please let me know! :-)
I don't find flying much fun anymore, as you undoubtly have seen with all the jokes around the bodyscanner and TSA groping ... Not so funny indeed ... the lastest mail I got around this topic said something along the lines of "Mention Al Qaida and get a free colonoscopy!" :-)
All the more reason to get serious around developing your DNA!

If you have read my website, you will have noticed that I currently only offer distance healings. Don't let that deter you: in Reconnective Healing® the energies get stronger at a larger distance! :-)

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