Thursday, May 27, 2010

Art reviews

Summer Sail ... - art by Anne VisDreaming of a warm and sunny summer, I found the ideal artwork to spark that feel! :-) Available in extra large size at my online gallery and as a free ecard.

This past weekend
Knor and I were invited to join a friend and visit the open galleries on the islands close to the Jordaan in Amsterdam. We chose to visit Ada Breedveld, Kate Wilkinson and Ans Markus.

Ada's work is delightful. She has a very distinct style in her work, which has the feel of a happy childhood. Her figures are all very overweight, but they still give a light and happy impression. Ada Breedveld is a well-known artist and she deserves it as her work is highly professional and impressive!

Kate Wilkinson is originally from the UK and she works with different materials, making collages, but not just your average or ordinary collage. Her work is well-thought out and jumps out with eye-catching figures and great color compositions. She uses beautiful and original materials to create stunning effects. Apart from large pieces, she also has a collection of smaller sized work, which I found absolutely delightful.

And then we visited Ans Markus' gallery, which personally is not my favorite. Many artists use their art to try to heal an unresolved past and I think Ans' work is an example of that. Mind you, her work is very skillful, it is just not something that I would want to have in my space ...

Talking about the healing effect of art: this is undoubtedly part of the process of creating art. For myself my art is also healing, and as I am usually in some sort of a trance when I create it, I hope it has the same effect on others ... :-)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Infidelity ...

Hot Summer Night - by Anne VisBeing unfaithful happens all too often and recently a Dutch politician was found out. Follows shame and shouting all around.
Just before this became public a good female friend of mine asked me if I would go after a guy that she would be dating (assuming we would fall for the same type of men, which we don't). I found this a very interesting question as of course a first reaction would be "Well, I sure would hope not!" But how can one be sure of such a thing, given a long history of humanity where it happens all the time? How can you know that your friendship is always going to be more important than this potential partner relationship when forced to choose? And how much control do you actually have over whom you fall in love with? I don't think anyone ever "planned" to fall in love ... it just happens ...
What you do with it is an entirely different matter.
For this politician things would probably have looked different when he would have first broken up with his wife and then after that started this new relationship (he now has lost his wife, his home, his job and what more ...)
If it would be your best friend's partner, one can wonder if there will ever be a winner ... or just tragedy striking? It seems that even being open about it before anything has happened, does not resolve this. I'd love to hear how you would handle such a situation. When the situation is not on it seems so easy to be all moralistic and say you won't go after your love ... but what about reality?
In politics it depends on which country you live in as well. In France it seems to be quite normal to maintain a "mistress" for men (haven't heard of women being with two guys at the same time, apparently a guy does not put up with a second male shagging his partner ...?)
And then of course we have the religious implications.
Coming back to this particular Dutch politician, he was from the same Christian party as the prime minister, who always talks about values and morality (but does not see a problem in starting an illegal war with millions of victims). At Fox news they are already laughing their heads off on hearing about values in the Netherlands, and it seems that they do have a point here ...

Meantime I have been creating quite a bit of new artwork, among them
templates for business cards. And Hot Summer Night (the image above) has been sparking my imagination and I have created several versions in different colors (which I usually don't do). Enjoy the different atmospheres! :-)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Healing the DNA

The Visionary - art by Anne VisKnor and I just returned from London, where we took a class in healing genetics. Reconnective Healing® works on the DNA, in the sense that it brings in new frequencies that affect the DNA and also help to set up the new strands (as it looks now there are twelve).
Vortexhealing® (which this class was about) goes a step further in even adding a new chromosome, the 24th pair. It is now at the stage of the blueprint, but looks very interesting as it already has an effect (more on the spiritual level). On the physical level so far I have not slept for two nights in a row at all and did not feel tired after working on this new chromosome. I assume this is temporary, it is probably still processing ... so who knows what will happen next! :-)

In my personal experience with
Reconnective Healing® the effects on the DNA are difficult to determine. Even after an outspoken result I do not know whether it was the effect on the DNA or maybe it was a profound healing on the emotional or another level.

As working on the genetic level is so profound and involves our blueprint, the question of free will comes up again. I've been struggling with this for a long time, as you can read in previous posts. In my view there is no such thing as "creating your own life". In this class it came up again and we discussed how only that which is free, has a choice. I think this is a brilliant thought as we are all so much into a web of conditioning. We are "life expressing itself" and experience the unfolding.
May beautiful things unfold for you ...