Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Physics and Fractals

One of the most positive and inspiring fields of research is in my eyes physics. Yes, I know, the chip was not installed when I was born, but for some reason I resemble the infamous moth around the flame: it keeps drawing me in. And lately there have been several great documentaries on tv: the search for God with Stephen Hawking (Discovery), the lecture by Brian Cox on subatomic particles (BBC) and last and maybe most inspiring: the world of parallel universes (Discovery). And no, I cannot explain or repeat the details to you ... :-).
It's like the information goes straight to that subatomic level, making everything dance and sing!

Thanks to my friend Thea Walstra, whose art you can find at Zazzle, I have a new and wild inspiration to create fractals. You can find them mostly in my new Zazzle store, annevisdesign.
Many thanks, Thea, for your generous sharing of insights!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Holidays - free ecard!

My Christmas gift to you this year: a free holidays ecard.
Wishing you a delightful time and a magical New Year!

Fake it until you make it!

The concept of "Trompe l'Oeil" has been around forever, but has been given a new incentive by streetart (view a collection of some astounding street art here) and now also in daily life as cover up of empty shops (look at what has been achieved in this project in North Tyneside).
My own art is from a more humble nature (as you can see from the unrelated image of a Christmas picture binder here :-)), but I love to feature here another artist who is great at trompe l'oeil scenery: Janet Shearer.
Another collection of beautiful window scenes (which can have the same effect) can be found on Squidoo.
Art to make you feel good ... something we desperately need in this challenging time!
And having said that: it is nice to create a collection of your own beautiful Christmas pictures and gather them in a binder: after watching what beauty others create, there is no more fun than to create your own beauty or exert your creativity in other fields of life ... Have fun!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Healing: what really works?

We are all familiar with the phrase in regular health care: "You have to learn to live with it".
Very annoying if you get this message and it throws many people straight into the arms of an alternative healer.
However: is the situation in "alternative healing land" any better?
Of course there are good results in both areas of health care, but wouldn't it be nice if we could also help those who seem to get no benefit from what is now available?
Personally Reconnective Healing® seems to work best for me so far: that is: working on other people and on animals.
Reconnective Healing® is in my personal view less suitable to work on your own issues. And despite good results with others, there are always a few people who do not seem to benefit much ...
A good reason to go and explore once again what else is available.
In the course of the years I have explored virtually everything under the sun, much of which you can find in the archives of this blog.
Today I will share some of my latest experiences, which hopefully will help you to find solutions for your own issues too.
So here goes:
Theta Healing®
Although many people report good results, I cannot confirm that. I did not experience any benefit and also did not like the method of working, where the healer has to go out of their body to "get some information from some sphere in heaven". I sometimes get a call from somebody who would be interested in a healing with this method, but from everything I have done, this is probably the only thing that went straight to the bin.

Vortex Healing®
I found this not something to explore in a fortnight, I spent years working with it and took many classes (up to "Core Veil").
To me it is a mixed bag. Some things seem to work, whereas other aspects do not do much for me. However, there is a huge range of tools, so sooner or later you find something that works for you.
If you have a virus, you need to do vortex, I do not know of any other healing method that will actually effectively kill the thing. And then, you need to be lucky to find that vortexhealer who can tackle it well, because not everyone can ( I spent €2000.- to finally find the right healer and release it, as the teachers could not help me with this either!).
(Of course the regular medical profession could not even detect any virus to begin with!)
Anyway, there is a progression in the classes and as you continue, your healing powers will increase, enabling healing in less time than when someone who just starts would do the same thing. Also the number of things you can tackle increases as you get further. I have never felt an inclination to work on others with vortex healing® until I took the Angelic Heart class. This is a collaboration with angels and I have worked on it as a try-out on several people and animals as well now.
It is always nice to see animals respond, as they don't have preconceived ideas about what is happening.
My experience is that a lot of people want to know what exactly is happening during a healing, and with Reconnective Healing® there is no "reading" or "interpretation" of what is going on and this is different in Angelic Heart healing, where (at least speaking for myself) there is more information about where the energy is going or sometimes insights coming through.
Also nice is that Angelic Heart seems to be working in more freedom, there is not much of a protocol, and as far as there is, the energy is doing something else in my hands anyway, so I do not bother with it.
I may have the "cat-version": making people laugh all the time and not obliging to any limitations or rules (like a cat/knor). :-)
The other forms of vortexhealing® all have strict protocols, although you have some freedom to choose between protocols.

M-Energy Healing®
This is a new energy healing, also based on Merlin.
I just last week took the four day class and haven't worked with it on others yet (outside of class format). It is another aspect of Merlin energy, feels different than vortex, and is more free in how it applies (thus more comparable to the angelic heart in vortex, although I have to admit that I do use angelic heart outside of its supposed limitations as taught). M-energy Healing® does not have complicated protocols and can be used for just about anything, which makes it more fun (in my view). Some of its aspects seem to be more penetrating (laser-like) and powerful than vortex, but I need more experience to find it's real power and possibilities.

In the future I may offer either angelic heart, M-energy or something else next to Reconnective Healing®, keep posted! :-)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tony Parsons

If you are on a path of liberation, Tony Parsons is your man ... a delightful and radical approach ... or as he says himself: starving the seeker is what seems to work ...
I just love Tony ... and he is in Amsterdam now: if you get a chance, come join! :-)
Or listen to the interviews on his website:
The Open Secret.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What's New?

In nature themes are returning every season, the leaves are falling and then we can expect snow ...
In fashion the colors are also returning, every winter the same black and mauve for clothes (apart from the eternal blue jeans of course ...).
Not so in my online artstore: all year around you can find the most different and fun colors on ever more products:

I created several hundred (!) new customizable products, some of them lines of products with a similar theme.
The images you see here can be found on several different products, some with alterations or adaptations to a specific product. Here are some more examples:
(in the series of the top image),

A very romantic and fully customizable binder.
(wouldn't mind such a design on my rain-proof boots either ... :-))
Now I can't imagine there is not one fashion designer who dares to create a bold new line with for instance coats that are suitable for rain and boots that can withstand snow ... Maybe there is something else going on in the fashion world that prevents affordable good looking clothing to come on the market?
With my current unstoppable inspiration (take advantage of it while it lasts!) I would not mind designing the fabrics for new coats or ... (.)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bee Healing

It is well known that the last couple of years the bee population world wide has been in trouble. Especially in the Netherlands they are having a really hard time, also because of the spraying of many pesticides that are forbidden in other countries.
So when I received a call from Vortexhealing® the Netherlands to participate in a project to do healings for bees, I joined.
Also because of some other developments with animals and the latest tool in Vortexhealing®: Angelic Heart.
Immediately after I received the transmission for Angelic Heart in the class, I already felt that something was different: I clearly felt the presence of Knor (Spirit of Cat) energy and the moment I started channeling the energy, the woman I worked on started laughing and could not stop any more ... a distinct sign that Knor energy is present! Also it did not behave as it was supposed to do (recognize the cat characteristics here? :-))
I did not think much about it, until it became obvious that after the class I was mainly receiving calls for animal healings (even though I only offer Reconnective Healing® at the moment).
I suspected that the animals really were looking for the Angelic Heart energy and started experimenting with it. So far the results are striking, even dogs seem fond of it! :-) Originally the energy is not specifically intended to work on physical issues, but it turns out that the knor angels are actually helping with physical issues as well.
So what happened when I started to work on the bees?
This was rather fascinating, as I could "see" quite a bit.
First it started with a "cosmic tune-up": it seemed like the bees were reorienting themselves with regard to the cosmic grid and geomagnetic lines.
Then it was like a whole bunch of new frequencies were added to their system.
But what I found most interesting was that it looked they were not willing to follow a Queen Bee any more ... revolution in the bee hive: after the Arab Spring, now the Bee Hive Spring?
This is important as it may indicate that what is happening in people world wide, could be caused by some external influence that is also affecting animals.
Then the Knor energy jumped in: I saw the toddler knor-angels enter and they really insisted on playing with the bees. :-) In the beginning the bees were not pleased (this is where I realized that the bees are "worker"bees and not naturally playful!). But you know how cats are: they just push softly with their little paw and after that nothing is the same any more ... :-)
I also saw angels working on the wings of the bees ... interesting, as angels know a lot about wings of course ... :-)
The Angelic Heart also worked on the home situation of the bees and their grounding (even for bees a grounding is important!)
So even though I am not doing a "regular" Vortexhealing®, it looks like the transmission has opened up something larger for me that is related to angels and the Spirit of Knor and seems to work well on both people and animals. I haven't made a decision yet as to whether I will be offering this on my website ... keep posted!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

World Animal Day

Lately everywhere I look, there are horses. I realized that they are oftentimes in settings of service to mankind, bordering on abuse or downright abuse. Think of the horses pulling our carts, but also how brave they are in riots, serving the police, the border patrol, often endangering their own health and lives. Think of Hollywood and all the movies of wars and shooting where horses are used.
And of course it does not stop at horses ... all the animals that are eaten by humans ... over 700 animals a lifetime per human ... and all other abuse of and violation of animal rights ...
Anyway, time for change and also time to appreciate the mostly delightful presence of animals in our lives!

I was taking a bicycle trip a few days ago and look who I ran into:

I did not expect this in the neighborhood of Amsterdam, but I was lucky and got invited to come in and talk with the camel. :-) The girl warned me and said the camel was violent and attacking people, but he was just so sweet to me and allowed petting and hugging ... maybe he felt that I have a big soft spot for camels. As far as I know camels are the only animals that can have a foul morning temper ... (I find this quite hilarious). They have a quite strong mind of their own when it comes to what they do want or don't want ... a bit like a cat (knor). But if they like you, you can ride on them, which is an extraordinary experience.

I met so many delightful animals in just one day, they are truly a blessing!

(just sharing a few of them here ... :-))
Wishing you a delightful day with many friendly animals on your path ... and don't forget to honor them!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Religion: what's going on?

This week has been very rough on religion in the Netherlands: football hooligans chanting about jews, peoples homes being clad with defamatory texts (also against jewish religion and race), then a christian church being broken into and all statues beheaded ... this all in a background of a society that is housing an increasing number of islamic believers, who are also insulted on a daily basis ...
What is going on with religion? (although: have you noticed that the most peaceful of all religions, buddhism, has not been targeted?)
Or is it not a religious rebellion at all, but is it more an aversion of authority?
One thing is sure, the way this discontentment is being expressed does not suggest belief in any of the original religious teachings about love.

The government has for many years (in fact as long as I can remember) preached a model of scarcity: every year it is going to get worse ("de broekriem aanhalen", in Dutch), if we have to believe the government, who traditionally presents the economic plans for the coming year in September. Scarcity not only in the sense of economy, but on all levels of society.
Is this feeling of "not having enough", a lack or scarcity (in whatever field of life), what is being expressed here?
I think the above mentioned acts of aggression against religion can also be viewed in the larger context of the Arab Spring: a desire, felt by many people, for more freedom.
Religion nor government offer freedom or the so much talked about "democracy".

In New Age there is rarely talk of what is happening in politics or in daily life around us. I do not believe in this ostrich philosophy of just paying attention to what is right in life and ignoring what does not work: sooner or later things fly back in your face!
The question then needs to be: what is it inside us that wants to be expressed, that wants to have more freedom and from what?
And can that happen in a way that does not to harm others?
It may well be that what we condemn in others about the anti-religious acts, also somewhere houses in our own basements ... (yeah, I know, this does not win me points! :-))

Meantime, I have been too busy with too many things lately to create new art for on the wall, but you can find several new designs in my online art store, an example of that as you can see above ...
Also note that it is now possible to add feedback on annevis.com, as I installed a brand new guestbook! :-)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Humor in Art

Of course cats (knors) are always great to have around for some fun. Just by being their delightful selves they make anyone smile ... :-)
I have added some of my artworks together here for a light note for the weekend, hope you enjoy ... :-)

Available at Zazzle

(just to make a point that not only cats can be funny ... :-))
And: get in the mood for some laughs for Halloween:

(You can buy this shirt at Zazzle)

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wild horses in Romania

One of my bad habits is that I love to zap on tv. This has oftentimes led to very interesting discoveries, like last night when I stumbled upon a documentary on TV5, the French international tv.
It was about the wild horses in the Danube delta in Romania. They were set free after the soviet regime collapsed and the communities could not take care of them any more. Now they turn out to be thriving in the wild (which makes for stunning movie material ...).
However, they pose a threat to the forest as they eat the bark of the trees which kills the trees ...
And they have humans threatening to kill them, which has led to animal rights actions (http://www.leteawildhorses.com/?page_id=21 and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danube_Delta_horse)

There is something wildly attractive about these free horses. Maybe they call upon the free spirit that is in all of us ...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

September - a new beginning

I just stumbled upon a movie on BBC, created with computer animation and I must say I was in awe. The movie was called Wallace and Gromit and if you have not seen it, I recommend you check out their website. When I see all that, I feel very humble with my own digital design skills ... which currently seem to be targeted to creating a series of new business card designs. September feels like the start of a new year, so also a great time to renew the outlook of your business or start a new company, especially in challenging times!

Talking about challenging times: the same BBC this past week broadcasted a "documentary" on what is the latest "evidence" on 9/11.
Anyone still believing the fairy tale the governments wants us to believe?
In that respect it was very interesting to see how the "evidence" for weapons of mass destruction as presented by Colin Powell also was created by digital work ...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Awakening 101

When my vortexhealing® teacher started explaining that what I thought was a healing training was actually an awakening lineage, I must confess that I wasn't exactly excited.
In my experience the subject "awakening" was just a lot of talk about nothing.
However, I started to explore anew, very skeptical, but still.
I even managed to read stuff from Eckhart Tolle and watched the videos with Oprah.
Now, a year and a lot of reading and listening later, I must say that Tolle seems to be a manual on how to still improve the story ... very useful if that's what you're looking for, but has nothing to do with awakening i.m.h.o.
I had already studied Byron Katie earlier, and although I get the impression that she is actually "real", the work never did it for me. It was just another mental exercise. A friend of mine explained that Byron Katie had discovered "the work" AFTER she got enlightened, and it seems like that is a crucial note. Something energetic needs to happen with the work and when it does, it is wonderful. I loved her book "A thousand names for joy".
I also attended meetings with Adyashanti a couple of times as well as listened to his talks online.
My vortex teachers speak very highly of him and I made a real effort to get what he was saying.
However, it just went one ear in, the other out ... Sometimes it seems like he says something interesting, but the next moment I have forgotten it again already ...
I think I finally know why this is: there is somebody who thinks to have to teach a state of being to other somebodies ... in other words: there is something to get for the "me" or as some people refer to as ego (don't like the word). And thus the teaching reinforces the ego actually!
I did not come up with this insight myself: I went to Tony Parsons in Amsterdam this past weekend, which was just awesome! It was like coming home, so confrontational, so inspiring, so joyful and absolutely hopeless all at the same time! Revolutionary ... And so absolutely funny, I haven't been laughing as much in ages ... Finally the real deal.
No, I am not "awake" ... and the awful news is that I cannot do anything about it ... :-)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Art

Summer time ... time to go fishing ... :-)
(just kidding, as a vegetarian I would of course not recommend it ...
however obviously my kitty/knor friends have a different
take on that ... :-))) The image above is called "Dinner Time!".

I haven't taken much time for a vacation this year, it seems like I even have difficulty to tear myself away from the computer as a lot of inspiration is flowing in ... Inspiration for an artist is always crucial of course and can never be taken for granted: it requires a follow-up in the sense of perspiration ... :-)

I created a lot of new products for Zazzle, like these sunrise fridge magnets ... a great way to start the day!

Meantime the ultimate pastime for new agers in summer:
the housewives tarot! Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face! :-)
Enjoy a wonderful summer!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I found widgets on reflexology I would like to share today:

(click on image to go to site). Always handy when you are waiting somewhere and can massage your hands ... or use Jin Shin Jitsu to hold every finger for two minutes and balance your entire body!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Physics and the illusion of reality

I had so much fun on YouTube the other day, would like to share some movies on physics and the nature of reality. If you are like me and the physics chip was not installed during construction, yet you still have a craving to find out what is going in this field, these are your movies!
The first one is a BBC documentary, called "The Illusion of Reality", a summary of the developments in physics, brought in an interesting way with beautiful imagery.

The next one is the basic explanation of the M theory for dummies:

Brian Greene explains the Hadron Collider experiment, as it relates to the 11th dimension:

And of course my favorite topic: teleportation:

It is interesting that Michio Kaku mentions DNA: as I see it, there is where we need to look for the answer to find how to teleport.
I love these theories on the internet on wormholes in the DNA ... is that possible?!!! Maybe we need to figure it out first in spirituality (as usual) and then genetics and physics will eventually figure it out ...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The unpredictable ways of Art

Lately I haven't had much time to create new artwork, as all my time was devoted to restyling my website http://www.annevis.com/ and also adding several new pages for the art gallery on http://www.sunnysites.org/.
Busy as a bee, so to speak ... :-)
So yes, there was a beautiful day of "bee hunting" with my camera, a lot of fun and I hope to create more products like the postage you can see here.

I just discovered that a new and already favorite program does not work any more, so I need to come up with something new and creative that is also fun ... as you can see the color palette is already here ... :-)
Art is a strange animal ... I often set out to create something and then for some unknown reason it becomes something entirely different ... As a famous Dutch artist used to say: whatever I do, I always end up with fish (my name in Dutch) ... :-)
The image above started as a floating flower ... :-)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Ultimate Conspiracy Theory

Of course the israelis have always featured on the front pages of all conspiracy theories. With all the evils going on everywhere they appear, their violent wars against the neighboring countries, their rampant killings and other aggressive behavior that seems to go with them everywhere, as well as consistently ignoring all UN resolutions (etc. etc, the list is endless), nobody believes in peaceful intentions from israeli side any more.
So now the latest wild theories, which I do not know are true or not.
It is posted by Jim Stone.
He states that Japan sold uranium to Iran.
If that is true, then his entire story has quite a bit of solid ground.
Then we have a motif, which I have not yet been able to discover in HAARP theories around Japan. (though that does not exclude that either).
It is also well know and even published in mainstream media at times, that israelis run most of the security stuff in several key institutions, governments, airports, etc. In israeli media we could also read a while back, that eavesdropping equipment is standard built in in the security devices. (This briefly appeared in regular Dutch media, but was quickly removed, guess why ...)
So basically, the israelis are very well informed about what is going on worldwide.
It is also known that they kill anyone who has a different agenda than theirs ... although the numbers of opponents worldwide are growing, even among jews. It is very important to hear jewish voices here, like in Jewish Voice for Peace, just to make clear here that there is a big difference between being jewish and being a zionist.
Given their history, it is easy to see how the zionists would want to tackle Japan.
I wonder if we will ever hear the truth about this, or that it will always remain a story that regular folks know about, like the unbelievable government fairy tales about 9/11 (anyone still asleep on that one?).
Meantime, the nuclear waste has been traveling around the planet several times now and the entire northern hemisphere is highly polluted.
But luckily the EU standards for safety have been drastically adapted, so now it is not a danger any more ...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Time and Language

I noticed something strange happening in the Dutch news broadcasts on television lately.

It seems that the use of the past tense in the Dutch language is now completely abandoned.
Even the future tense is jeopardized! (Yes indeed, just a few hours ago, Dominique Strauss Kahn was already convicted by the Dutch news!)
This is interesting from a couple of perspectives.
First we have the general deterioration of Dutch language. With more foreigners than people with a native Dutch tongue, this is already an inevitable development, however sad ...
Recently I was reading in a book that was written in the early 1900s.
The first sentence almost completely covered the first page of the book and at the end of the sentence I had a full color hi-fi stereo impression of the scene, complete with all the smells and other sensory perceptions. Then the next thing that struck me was the immense difference with the language we have today and how a 16 year old probably would hardly be able to read such a page.
The news uses the present tense in situations that really describe the past for the same reason as authors used to do that in a specific style passage, where they wanted to make a more vivid impression. Apparently the people who write the news think that the horrible stuff they are dishing up is not getting through any more as the public becomes "immune" to more suffering ...?
And from a third angle, one could see it as highly spiritual.
As the use of time disappears from the language ... is it real anyway?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Animal Rights

Sometimes I wonder in what kind of world I have landed ... How is it possible to have a parliament that is discussing if animals that are being killed need to be anaesthetized beforehand or not: a result of (God forbid!) atrocious religious practices.
How is it possible that the anesthetic is an issue, whereas the brutal and violent murdering of animals is apparently considered "normal"?
(I don't like the word "normal". It leaves out life itself, as it freezes everything. Yet it is one of the most used words in Dutch language ...)
The muslims apparently are ignorant of their own teachings, in which nowhere can be found where you are allowed to torture animals, so it is beyond me how they have come to the conclusion that that is the way to do it ...
And then jews ... Sigh.
They think they are allowed to torture animals because they have suffered so much during WW II in the Netherlands that they are now allowed to do anything they want or else ...
(Anyone still follows this? This is a discussion about a law on animal rights, not on jews during WW II ...)
So they are both torturing and murdering animals, which are both in the given circumstances in my book considered as crimes and then top that up with blackmail. Great ... Please feel free to leave the country any time ...

Several members of parliament have expressed on television that they are very sick of the jewish blackmail, verdict on this topic follows next week ... Let them stick to integrity and defend the animal rights!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


This past couple of days have been completely immersed in the Reconnective Healing frequencies. First there was an offer to experience Reconnective Yoga. As I did not have a clear idea about that, I decided to check it out. The venue was in an area where I usually get lost and as nobody in the area seems to speak Dutch nor English (although it is in Amsterdam, the language is Arabic!), I felt very lucky to find an angel on the way there to direct me ... :-)
The yoga classes are basically no different from regular yoga was my experience, and although that was kind of disappointing, I still had a great time.

Then yesterday was Eric Pearl's presentation.
I was not planning to go, as I have already heard him speak on several occasions and also had the opportunity to meet him in person a few times.
But universe had other plans, so I was offered two free tickets as an incentive. (many thanks for that to Eric's staff!).
Instead of bringing a friend, I decided to invite one of my clients, whom I knew would love to go, but did not have the money.
This turned out to be very interesting, we discovered that she found me through a website that I am not on!!! (I am always amazed at how people find me, the strongest story being someone who got lost on his way to my practice location and asked me the way in front of my own house!)
The presentation was wonderful. Eric is such a great speaker and so funny on top of that! I was also impressed when he asked people to stand up if they had difficulty to fully move their arms in all directions and one woman stood up and was asked to show it. It turned out that by just being in the audience she had been healed and nobody was more surprised than herself! Eric's background is chiropractor, and I wonder if that affects his choice for a certain type of disease to do a demonstration (apart from it being very noticeable). Could it be that he has a unique talent for that type of problem, whereas somebody else might have another "specialty"?
Because of all the different demonstrations the last couple of days, I have been confronted once again with the vastly different feeling the supposedly same frequencies induce through different people. Eric says it does not matter who does the healing, but is that true?

Today I found an interesting article on DNA. It talks about new discoveries on how to communicate with DNA. It is apparently quite critical how you interact with your DNA in order for everything to work smoothly. I was wondering if this might also explain why sometimes there is no clearly noticeable effect of a healing. Or could it be that, as some other healing modalities state, the cause of the problem lies in an area that is beyond the scope of the DNA? How much IS exactly determined by DNA?
And what is this about wormholes being INSIDE the DNA??? I would assume that here is a key to teleportation, this is where we connect with other worlds ... how fascinating!

Meantime I am transferring all my paintings to a new website, Bluecanvas, which is a huge amount of work. The image above has not been published yet, you get a preview here! :-)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

On healing and free will

Lately I have added quite a few new products to Zazzle, the image above is just made available on an iPad case.

Meantime the healing work continues and for those of you who are in the Netherlands a short reminder that Eric Pearl is going to be in Amsterdam this coming weekend, giving a lecture on Friday night and then the levels 1,2 and 3 trainings. If you hurry I might just be able to do your personal Reconnection in time! :-)

Then the ongoing discussion as to whether we create our lives or have no free will at all. I just found Michio Kaku's version, which is from the point of Quantum Physics. Enjoy!

If you have trouble seeing it here, you can go to the website:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Knor 2.1

Going to the gym is usually not the most exciting thing in the world. However, today I had an interesting conversation with an alien Knor! Yes, I know it sounds far out, but lately my muse Knor (spiritual cat) has returned once in a while, only to show herself in new versions. As you can see above she arrived straight from Sirius!
Anyway, at the gym she went on and on about teleportation. How with all this crap with new ash clouds from Iceland, we need a new way to transport ourselves (also good for the environment of course!).
Her suggestion is to work on the quantum physics of the body: actually transform the state of particles to a full state of being waves (or "in the wave" if you like). This should for starters enable us to walk through walls.
You can instantly see how this would evoke ethical issues, which is why I think this cannot be done if you still have all the crappy conditioning in your energy system.
But instead of working for many hours on clearing out all conditioning, as most healing modalities are now advocating and is common in New Age philosophies, the actual act of transforming from particles into waves should instantly release all conditioning (my theory). (Yes, healers will be all out of business! Yeah!!! The ultimate goal of all healers, a world where everyone is healthy and happy! :-))

So how can this be done? I know of one healer who works (worked?) with this: Sarah Biermann. I followed a workshop with her years ago and she was doing it in imagination (which is probably a good starting point). I don't know if she still works with this and back then it did not quite lead to the results we are talking about, like actual teleportation or walking through walls (which was not the goal at that point).
My guess is that it can be done through the DNA. I am going to experiment with this, any insights you might have are very welcome! I'll keep you posted on my discoveries! :-)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Behind the scenes ...

Usually I show just the end result of my work, but this time I would like to offer a peek in the kitchen so to speak.
This is one of my Photoshop paintings, which originated from this picture:
As you can see this window model from a fashion store has no color and certainly not a lively expression. I decided to "dress her up" a little ... :-)
To me it is incomprehensible that anyone would want to advertise their clothing in this way and it does not do any justice to the image of a healthy woman in this society. Do we really all want to look like an anorexic?

You can also see that I did not perfectly succeed in dressing the image up to perfection: there are still color differences and other imperfections that give the image a human touch. Also I could not resist to exaggerate here and there ... :-)
Note how adding eyelashes enhances the expression!
Luckily the model does not look like me: if I would apply make-up this way, you would think I had visited a warzone after just 5 minutes of wearing it: red smears all over and after a nice rub in the eyes black smudges to simulate a couple of weeks without sleep ... :-)
Nice to be able to live out the "girly side" on a window model! :-)
I guess this is one of the ways in which creating art feels so healing!

Monday, May 9, 2011

This Time of Year ...

Spring is in the air and I am working on a new flower calendar, one of the images you can see above. Yes, the calendars can start any month, so you do not have to wait till January for a beautiful calendar! :-)

Talking about calendars: this month it is Nakba Day: join the Dutch Palestine Committee in the Singelkerk this coming Saturday and express your solidarity with all peoples who have lost their land and pray for justice ...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Keep on dreaming ...

Those of you who do not speak Dutch may wonder what this image is about. I will tell you: it is one of my new business card designs, this time used to announce a demonstration against nuclear energy and in favor of green energies in Amsterdam this Saturday.
I was watching a news program yesterday and it showed how in Germany people are demonstrating against nuclear power and demand their nuclear power plants be closed.
In the Netherlands the government is planning on opening yet another nuclear power plant. The interviewers went to the village nearby the existing one and asked people if they were concerned in any way.
Without exception, everyone answered that nuclear energy is perfectly safe and anything like what happened in Japan cannot happen here (...).
I have written about the nuclear power plant in Petten in couple of years ago. That one is located close to Amsterdam and was in the news because one of the workers reported dangerous situations there.
Next thing that happens is the guy gets fired and the plant goes on ... business as usual ...
Same as we see in Japan now.
Happily none of the Dutch media report about the current situation regarding nuclear contamination in this country. I searched myself colorblind on the internet to find information, but only found a US site with actual radiation information. At the moment it does not fly through the roof apparently, but it is still a concern, although maybe a bit too early to go to the shop to buy vegetables with a geiger teller as some conspiracy sites advise ...
Wubbo Ockels is going to speak tomorrow, so that should be interesting.
More information on the demonstration at
 (also sign the petition!)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

World Healing Meditation - the Oceans

Sunday March 27 2011 at 6 PM Dutch time or 9 AM California time:
World Healing Meditation with focus on the oceans.
Of course the disaster with BP in the Gulf is still fresh in our memory, and now the radiation levels in the ocean near Japan are 1200 (!) times higher than recommended.
And this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Japanese (Oh, irony!) scientist Masaru Emoto has published extensively on the effect of the surroundings on water crystals and water seems to be one of the easiest to affect by thoughts and intentions.
So let's all focus on the oceans, just at the location or aspect that your personal attention is drawn to. That could also involve the authorities responsible for handling the situations, or the life of creatures living in the ocean, or the people depending on this.
I have experienced that most power can be gained by tackling this from different angles, which happens automatically as each of us focuses on love and healing as intention.

Many people will have some experience with healing meditation, but if you don't and need some suggestions, you can visit our world healing meditation page.
We will work for half an hour.
Thank you for joining! :-)

Saturday, March 12, 2011


The Dutch VPRO television is broadcasting what seems to be a series on zionism, how it operates and the impact.
The first episode I saw was last week, when they showed how young jews from the UK, Canada and the US where taken to the israeli territories to get "educated" on israeli history (israeli version). They managed in a few weeks to convert a pacifist to become a fanatic warrior! At the end of the month all of the young people were intensely involved in the israeli army, after which they all returned to their respective countries, as allies of the israelis and to follow their path to universities like Harvard and the most influential positions in society.
This week showed how the young israelis by thousands go to Goa in India after they have finished their service in the army. They massively go on drugs and are completely derailed.

In the sixties there were scientific studies on how far people would go when told by an instructor to give others (whom they could not see, but hear) in another room an electric shock by pulling a handle. They were told about the thresholds of pain and when a shock could be lethal. It turned out that many people just went on and on, despite hearing the other person screaming. Somehow the perceived idea of a "superior" has a very strong hold on many people.

I had to think about this experiment in relation to the young israeli people who are forced to go into the army. In reality there is no real threat to them, the arabs just have stones and no army of any significance. If the isrealis would just abstain from all their warfare, they would be left in peace by all neighbors. Yet the israeli youth gets a completely different message from their authorities. They are forced to commit horrible crimes against innocent Palestinian people. But to stand up against the pressure of society takes a hero. The few people who have refused to go in the army are not only jailed, but the entire community around them sees them as traitors and spits them out. A very tough fate, which not many people dare to risk.

Yet, with the Arab Spring in mind, wouldn't it be great if the israeli youth found the courage to step up against their authorities and demand a life in peace and justice?
Spring is in the air!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to achieve Justice - Dutch version

Ethics is quite an incomprehensible issue if you look at what is happening in the world around us.
Let me try to crack this one: the Libyan leader Gadhafi is killing the Libyan people on a large scale. The Dutch, who regulate quite a big proportion of Gadhafi's finances apparently (and have had no problem doing so during all the years of oppression of the people) suddenly think they should do something to stop the flow of finances for Gadhafi. Apparently now genocide on the people of Libya is different than genocide on the people of Palestine, where the Dutch politicians in majority are cheering along.
Then one of the largest Dutch banks is now being attacked by what the Dutch media describe as "terrorists" (have you also noticed this seems to be the most popular word used in media?) who are against the large scale transportation through the Netherlands of weapons as well as the weapon production and deliveries to the israelis and other "terrorist states".
Oh yes, by the way: this has NOTHING to do with a new mission to Afghanistan ...

How do you talk to people who only understand one language which is called violence?
I guess my boycott of the bell peppers from the israeli territories in the local supermarket is just one small step ...
Not in my name ...
I haven't quite worked out a large group healing on all of these issues, will let you know if and when I do ... Meantime all individual healing efforts help! :-)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Free Valentine Ecards

I love the beginning of Valentine's Day ... the time when it was just for a secret love, one that would be forbidden or unattainable ... The love for a married woman ... a teacher falling in love with the student ... the best friend of your husband ...
So I dedicate this day to you ... May your heart be blessed!

Friday, February 11, 2011


An initiation into the sorcerer's world.
No, not a new book, I found it in Goodwill on Fillmore Street ... :-) And maybe it is also the artist in me that was attracted by the awesome art on the cover, but I just could not resist this book.
I read Castaneda about 25 years ago and did not understand at all what he was talking about. Same with Lynn Andrews. So, tough as I am (:-)), I thought to give it another try ...

This is a book written by Florinda Donner, whom I had not heard about before and according to Wiki was quite an interesting character.
She describes her relationship with Castaneda in the book as well, but that is not what makes this book so fascinating.

It is the fluidity of life.
And the magic ...
It seems that it is possible to just "slip into another reality" which is either more real or just another "dream state", in which it is possible to experience all sorts of unexplainable things.

What to think of swimming in water that does not feel like water?
Or a butterfly landing on your finger, after which you suddenly see a beautiful golden filigrain ring appear? A man who seems old, but has the body of a young man ... or suddenly changes into a young woman ... or vanishes ... (which is what according to Wiki Florinda herself also did)
I feel this is a timeless and priceless book, so inspiring ...
(and I bet DalĂ­ would have loved it! :-))

No, of course I still don't understand anything of it! ... that's part of the magic ... :-)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I woke up with a clear image of what should become my next piece of art. It was just there. So, based on this visual, I started working on it. Until it was finished ... and I looked at it and thought ... OMG!!!

While working on it, I had not been aware of the profound symbolism here.
The end of the times as we know it ... the very ominous sky ...

Then the (off)white sails, the sails of hope ... but they are on their way to the next dimension ... out of reach.
The bottle ... a sign of an alcoholic, or is this another symbol of hope?
Yet the bottle is empty ... the life elixir is in the ocean of life ... or is it?

There is a shimmer of pink ... or is it illusion?

The ocean itself is calm ... reflecting the inner peace in outward turmoil ...
At some point it is unavoidable to become a "lover of what is" ... and face the reality instead of hoping for some distant future that may or may not manifest ...
Being an artist is an intersting profession ...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

What's Love Anyway?

I created new Squidoo lenses today.
My first lens is about inspiring art and has been around for a couple of years.
Today I added a lens on how love is expressed in art.
I imagined it would be easy to find beautiful art on this topic, but with Valentine's Day around the corner, the images do not exceed the simple heart drawings by much. And this topic is of course quite a big one ...
Especially the question of "unconditional love" is an interesting one. I do not like the negative in the "unconditional". It would be more like "real love" or "genuine love" or maybe even "free love", although the last one also has some strange associations ...
Love that just is ...
In reality it is quite a mystery in my view as to why you like/love some people or animals and others you just don't. It seems to be happening in the very first moment and it rarely changes. Even when you start to appreciate and respect someone you did not like to start with, that natural feeling of ease and "unconditional" seems hard to command ... I wonder what your thoughts are on this?

So having started on a quite multifaceted topic, it seems to be even more challenging to find the appropriate art. I find many images of beautiful scenery that are tagged "love". Does that mean that the scenery itself is love? In my view it more reflects the feelings it evokes in the onlooker ...
Wondering why love can be so complicated ...

You'll be happy to find that my other topic is on original art on daily life products, a Zazzle page. I am mainly featuring art by other artists on products. And then just those that in my view enhance the use of the product because of the beautiful art that is on them ... Enjoy! :-)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I have expanded my services for animal healing. Whereas I used to do only healings for cats, now healings for other animals are also available.
Also the Reconnection® and the "in person" Reconnective Healing® sessions are back! :-)
And new is the option to pay through PayPal.

You can find all about it on http://www.annevis.com/. Check it out, the site is completely updated! :-)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Magic everywhere ...

Last week I was on a roadtrip south of San Francisco with a friend, when at some point we got lost and decided to ask someone for directions. Little did we know we were about to enter the magical world of Mattie Leeds. The sign just said something like pottery, but this place is far more than that. It goes beyond anyone's wildest dreams. This place talks of passion, color, life, imagination, travel and a sensual sexuality.
Mattie created this fantasy world in collaboration with other people over a period of many years. It was a delight to meet such an inspired and talented artist as well as gifted craftsman.
Oh, and by the way ... Mattie looks about thirty years younger than his actual age and shared his secret with us: it's the clay! Just so you know ...  :-)
Also part of our company was another new friend:
Yes, I know it sounds strange for those of you who have been following my blog for the last couple of years, but I have actually befriended a dog! :-)
As a true cat-person, this is a completely new development.
What happened was that my new friend took me to her house and instructed me on how to handle the dog in the best way. It was quite a long story and already from a distance the barking was audible ... So I have to admit that I did not quite look forward to meeting the dog ... it sounded more like "Beware of the Dog!" ...
So the door went open and the barking was louder and you guess it already: I instantly forgot all the instructions as the dog started to jump up on me! I really do not like it when dogs do that, so I told her off in good Dutch ... and to my amazement she instantly stopped jumping and barking. But even more than that: she turned to show her belly, all feet up in the air ... So tell me ... is it possible to not fall in love at that moment ... ? I was so surprised!

I still blame the horses for the change.

I keep seeing them everywhere.
Even in the city of San Francisco they seem to be all over. Saturday I came across two horses with policewomen in the Marina. They walked right up to me and asked if I would like to say hi to the horses! Then I continued to Fort Mason and guess who were waiting for me as I walked out: the same two horses! They put their foreheads against my forehead, it felt like a warm embrace ...

The horses seem to affect my art inspirations in the sense of creating combinations of different animals:
These images take a lot of time to create and as I am currenly on a laptop, it goes even slower ... please be patient ... new artwork will come, but not as regularly as before ...