Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to achieve Justice - Dutch version

Ethics is quite an incomprehensible issue if you look at what is happening in the world around us.
Let me try to crack this one: the Libyan leader Gadhafi is killing the Libyan people on a large scale. The Dutch, who regulate quite a big proportion of Gadhafi's finances apparently (and have had no problem doing so during all the years of oppression of the people) suddenly think they should do something to stop the flow of finances for Gadhafi. Apparently now genocide on the people of Libya is different than genocide on the people of Palestine, where the Dutch politicians in majority are cheering along.
Then one of the largest Dutch banks is now being attacked by what the Dutch media describe as "terrorists" (have you also noticed this seems to be the most popular word used in media?) who are against the large scale transportation through the Netherlands of weapons as well as the weapon production and deliveries to the israelis and other "terrorist states".
Oh yes, by the way: this has NOTHING to do with a new mission to Afghanistan ...

How do you talk to people who only understand one language which is called violence?
I guess my boycott of the bell peppers from the israeli territories in the local supermarket is just one small step ...
Not in my name ...
I haven't quite worked out a large group healing on all of these issues, will let you know if and when I do ... Meantime all individual healing efforts help! :-)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Free Valentine Ecards

I love the beginning of Valentine's Day ... the time when it was just for a secret love, one that would be forbidden or unattainable ... The love for a married woman ... a teacher falling in love with the student ... the best friend of your husband ...
So I dedicate this day to you ... May your heart be blessed!

Friday, February 11, 2011


An initiation into the sorcerer's world.
No, not a new book, I found it in Goodwill on Fillmore Street ... :-) And maybe it is also the artist in me that was attracted by the awesome art on the cover, but I just could not resist this book.
I read Castaneda about 25 years ago and did not understand at all what he was talking about. Same with Lynn Andrews. So, tough as I am (:-)), I thought to give it another try ...

This is a book written by Florinda Donner, whom I had not heard about before and according to Wiki was quite an interesting character.
She describes her relationship with Castaneda in the book as well, but that is not what makes this book so fascinating.

It is the fluidity of life.
And the magic ...
It seems that it is possible to just "slip into another reality" which is either more real or just another "dream state", in which it is possible to experience all sorts of unexplainable things.

What to think of swimming in water that does not feel like water?
Or a butterfly landing on your finger, after which you suddenly see a beautiful golden filigrain ring appear? A man who seems old, but has the body of a young man ... or suddenly changes into a young woman ... or vanishes ... (which is what according to Wiki Florinda herself also did)
I feel this is a timeless and priceless book, so inspiring ...
(and I bet DalĂ­ would have loved it! :-))

No, of course I still don't understand anything of it! ... that's part of the magic ... :-)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I woke up with a clear image of what should become my next piece of art. It was just there. So, based on this visual, I started working on it. Until it was finished ... and I looked at it and thought ... OMG!!!

While working on it, I had not been aware of the profound symbolism here.
The end of the times as we know it ... the very ominous sky ...

Then the (off)white sails, the sails of hope ... but they are on their way to the next dimension ... out of reach.
The bottle ... a sign of an alcoholic, or is this another symbol of hope?
Yet the bottle is empty ... the life elixir is in the ocean of life ... or is it?

There is a shimmer of pink ... or is it illusion?

The ocean itself is calm ... reflecting the inner peace in outward turmoil ...
At some point it is unavoidable to become a "lover of what is" ... and face the reality instead of hoping for some distant future that may or may not manifest ...
Being an artist is an intersting profession ...