Friday, February 11, 2011


An initiation into the sorcerer's world.
No, not a new book, I found it in Goodwill on Fillmore Street ... :-) And maybe it is also the artist in me that was attracted by the awesome art on the cover, but I just could not resist this book.
I read Castaneda about 25 years ago and did not understand at all what he was talking about. Same with Lynn Andrews. So, tough as I am (:-)), I thought to give it another try ...

This is a book written by Florinda Donner, whom I had not heard about before and according to Wiki was quite an interesting character.
She describes her relationship with Castaneda in the book as well, but that is not what makes this book so fascinating.

It is the fluidity of life.
And the magic ...
It seems that it is possible to just "slip into another reality" which is either more real or just another "dream state", in which it is possible to experience all sorts of unexplainable things.

What to think of swimming in water that does not feel like water?
Or a butterfly landing on your finger, after which you suddenly see a beautiful golden filigrain ring appear? A man who seems old, but has the body of a young man ... or suddenly changes into a young woman ... or vanishes ... (which is what according to Wiki Florinda herself also did)
I feel this is a timeless and priceless book, so inspiring ...
(and I bet DalĂ­ would have loved it! :-))

No, of course I still don't understand anything of it! ... that's part of the magic ... :-)

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