Saturday, March 26, 2011

World Healing Meditation - the Oceans

Sunday March 27 2011 at 6 PM Dutch time or 9 AM California time:
World Healing Meditation with focus on the oceans.
Of course the disaster with BP in the Gulf is still fresh in our memory, and now the radiation levels in the ocean near Japan are 1200 (!) times higher than recommended.
And this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Japanese (Oh, irony!) scientist Masaru Emoto has published extensively on the effect of the surroundings on water crystals and water seems to be one of the easiest to affect by thoughts and intentions.
So let's all focus on the oceans, just at the location or aspect that your personal attention is drawn to. That could also involve the authorities responsible for handling the situations, or the life of creatures living in the ocean, or the people depending on this.
I have experienced that most power can be gained by tackling this from different angles, which happens automatically as each of us focuses on love and healing as intention.

Many people will have some experience with healing meditation, but if you don't and need some suggestions, you can visit our world healing meditation page.
We will work for half an hour.
Thank you for joining! :-)

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Anonymous said...

The power of intention - is very great. Let's hope we can make a difference.

Namaste ♥