Friday, April 15, 2011

Keep on dreaming ...

Those of you who do not speak Dutch may wonder what this image is about. I will tell you: it is one of my new business card designs, this time used to announce a demonstration against nuclear energy and in favor of green energies in Amsterdam this Saturday.
I was watching a news program yesterday and it showed how in Germany people are demonstrating against nuclear power and demand their nuclear power plants be closed.
In the Netherlands the government is planning on opening yet another nuclear power plant. The interviewers went to the village nearby the existing one and asked people if they were concerned in any way.
Without exception, everyone answered that nuclear energy is perfectly safe and anything like what happened in Japan cannot happen here (...).
I have written about the nuclear power plant in Petten in couple of years ago. That one is located close to Amsterdam and was in the news because one of the workers reported dangerous situations there.
Next thing that happens is the guy gets fired and the plant goes on ... business as usual ...
Same as we see in Japan now.
Happily none of the Dutch media report about the current situation regarding nuclear contamination in this country. I searched myself colorblind on the internet to find information, but only found a US site with actual radiation information. At the moment it does not fly through the roof apparently, but it is still a concern, although maybe a bit too early to go to the shop to buy vegetables with a geiger teller as some conspiracy sites advise ...
Wubbo Ockels is going to speak tomorrow, so that should be interesting.
More information on the demonstration at
 (also sign the petition!)

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Just saw this:
Dramatic increase in radiation found at German nuclear waste depot