Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Knor 2.1

Going to the gym is usually not the most exciting thing in the world. However, today I had an interesting conversation with an alien Knor! Yes, I know it sounds far out, but lately my muse Knor (spiritual cat) has returned once in a while, only to show herself in new versions. As you can see above she arrived straight from Sirius!
Anyway, at the gym she went on and on about teleportation. How with all this crap with new ash clouds from Iceland, we need a new way to transport ourselves (also good for the environment of course!).
Her suggestion is to work on the quantum physics of the body: actually transform the state of particles to a full state of being waves (or "in the wave" if you like). This should for starters enable us to walk through walls.
You can instantly see how this would evoke ethical issues, which is why I think this cannot be done if you still have all the crappy conditioning in your energy system.
But instead of working for many hours on clearing out all conditioning, as most healing modalities are now advocating and is common in New Age philosophies, the actual act of transforming from particles into waves should instantly release all conditioning (my theory). (Yes, healers will be all out of business! Yeah!!! The ultimate goal of all healers, a world where everyone is healthy and happy! :-))

So how can this be done? I know of one healer who works (worked?) with this: Sarah Biermann. I followed a workshop with her years ago and she was doing it in imagination (which is probably a good starting point). I don't know if she still works with this and back then it did not quite lead to the results we are talking about, like actual teleportation or walking through walls (which was not the goal at that point).
My guess is that it can be done through the DNA. I am going to experiment with this, any insights you might have are very welcome! I'll keep you posted on my discoveries! :-)

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