Saturday, June 18, 2011

Animal Rights

Sometimes I wonder in what kind of world I have landed ... How is it possible to have a parliament that is discussing if animals that are being killed need to be anaesthetized beforehand or not: a result of (God forbid!) atrocious religious practices.
How is it possible that the anesthetic is an issue, whereas the brutal and violent murdering of animals is apparently considered "normal"?
(I don't like the word "normal". It leaves out life itself, as it freezes everything. Yet it is one of the most used words in Dutch language ...)
The muslims apparently are ignorant of their own teachings, in which nowhere can be found where you are allowed to torture animals, so it is beyond me how they have come to the conclusion that that is the way to do it ...
And then jews ... Sigh.
They think they are allowed to torture animals because they have suffered so much during WW II in the Netherlands that they are now allowed to do anything they want or else ...
(Anyone still follows this? This is a discussion about a law on animal rights, not on jews during WW II ...)
So they are both torturing and murdering animals, which are both in the given circumstances in my book considered as crimes and then top that up with blackmail. Great ... Please feel free to leave the country any time ...

Several members of parliament have expressed on television that they are very sick of the jewish blackmail, verdict on this topic follows next week ... Let them stick to integrity and defend the animal rights!


Sandy said...

Hi Anne - how have you been? My life has been so busy with readying and then having a house up for sale for almost a year and now finally getting some real offers which makes things even busier. I'm glad you stopped by which reminded me how much I enjoy seeing your art.

I hadn't heard of this with the animal rights. I'll have to look this up and get more educated about it - the world gets crazier by the day and some semblance of humanity and compassion disappears daily I think.

take care.

Anonymous said...

Chickens are slaughtered in the worse kinds of ways or were.

When I was about 3 years old my daddy took me with him to sell a hog we had raised.

The hog was unloaded on a steel floored pen along with many other hogs.

Then they switched on electricity and shocked them to death.

Then slit their throats and hung them up by putting hooks through the tendons in their hind feet.

They died gushing blood from the slit throat. A nasty business to be sure.

I refuse to watch any television program or any movie that has any kind of cruelty in it. We don't need it and I am not being entertained by it. I am not a Roman who has great lust in his heart for blood, screaming and guts as it was done in the days of Nero.

I would never watch anything that shows any cruelty. But, having said that, I would not hesitate to kill anyone or anything that harmed me or my family.

I don't know what that makes me but that is just me I guess.

Anne Vis said...

Thanks Sandy and Abe!
Abe, we have images here in the regular news with animal slaughter with the blood splashing up the walls and the ceiling ... you don't want to know!
Of course you would defend yourself and your family, sounds natural to me ...