Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I found widgets on reflexology I would like to share today:

(click on image to go to site). Always handy when you are waiting somewhere and can massage your hands ... or use Jin Shin Jitsu to hold every finger for two minutes and balance your entire body!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Physics and the illusion of reality

I had so much fun on YouTube the other day, would like to share some movies on physics and the nature of reality. If you are like me and the physics chip was not installed during construction, yet you still have a craving to find out what is going in this field, these are your movies!
The first one is a BBC documentary, called "The Illusion of Reality", a summary of the developments in physics, brought in an interesting way with beautiful imagery.

The next one is the basic explanation of the M theory for dummies:

Brian Greene explains the Hadron Collider experiment, as it relates to the 11th dimension:

And of course my favorite topic: teleportation:

It is interesting that Michio Kaku mentions DNA: as I see it, there is where we need to look for the answer to find how to teleport.
I love these theories on the internet on wormholes in the DNA ... is that possible?!!! Maybe we need to figure it out first in spirituality (as usual) and then genetics and physics will eventually figure it out ...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The unpredictable ways of Art

Lately I haven't had much time to create new artwork, as all my time was devoted to restyling my website http://www.annevis.com/ and also adding several new pages for the art gallery on http://www.sunnysites.org/.
Busy as a bee, so to speak ... :-)
So yes, there was a beautiful day of "bee hunting" with my camera, a lot of fun and I hope to create more products like the postage you can see here.

I just discovered that a new and already favorite program does not work any more, so I need to come up with something new and creative that is also fun ... as you can see the color palette is already here ... :-)
Art is a strange animal ... I often set out to create something and then for some unknown reason it becomes something entirely different ... As a famous Dutch artist used to say: whatever I do, I always end up with fish (my name in Dutch) ... :-)
The image above started as a floating flower ... :-)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Ultimate Conspiracy Theory

Of course the israelis have always featured on the front pages of all conspiracy theories. With all the evils going on everywhere they appear, their violent wars against the neighboring countries, their rampant killings and other aggressive behavior that seems to go with them everywhere, as well as consistently ignoring all UN resolutions (etc. etc, the list is endless), nobody believes in peaceful intentions from israeli side any more.
So now the latest wild theories, which I do not know are true or not.
It is posted by Jim Stone.
He states that Japan sold uranium to Iran.
If that is true, then his entire story has quite a bit of solid ground.
Then we have a motif, which I have not yet been able to discover in HAARP theories around Japan. (though that does not exclude that either).
It is also well know and even published in mainstream media at times, that israelis run most of the security stuff in several key institutions, governments, airports, etc. In israeli media we could also read a while back, that eavesdropping equipment is standard built in in the security devices. (This briefly appeared in regular Dutch media, but was quickly removed, guess why ...)
So basically, the israelis are very well informed about what is going on worldwide.
It is also known that they kill anyone who has a different agenda than theirs ... although the numbers of opponents worldwide are growing, even among jews. It is very important to hear jewish voices here, like in Jewish Voice for Peace, just to make clear here that there is a big difference between being jewish and being a zionist.
Given their history, it is easy to see how the zionists would want to tackle Japan.
I wonder if we will ever hear the truth about this, or that it will always remain a story that regular folks know about, like the unbelievable government fairy tales about 9/11 (anyone still asleep on that one?).
Meantime, the nuclear waste has been traveling around the planet several times now and the entire northern hemisphere is highly polluted.
But luckily the EU standards for safety have been drastically adapted, so now it is not a danger any more ...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Time and Language

I noticed something strange happening in the Dutch news broadcasts on television lately.

It seems that the use of the past tense in the Dutch language is now completely abandoned.
Even the future tense is jeopardized! (Yes indeed, just a few hours ago, Dominique Strauss Kahn was already convicted by the Dutch news!)
This is interesting from a couple of perspectives.
First we have the general deterioration of Dutch language. With more foreigners than people with a native Dutch tongue, this is already an inevitable development, however sad ...
Recently I was reading in a book that was written in the early 1900s.
The first sentence almost completely covered the first page of the book and at the end of the sentence I had a full color hi-fi stereo impression of the scene, complete with all the smells and other sensory perceptions. Then the next thing that struck me was the immense difference with the language we have today and how a 16 year old probably would hardly be able to read such a page.
The news uses the present tense in situations that really describe the past for the same reason as authors used to do that in a specific style passage, where they wanted to make a more vivid impression. Apparently the people who write the news think that the horrible stuff they are dishing up is not getting through any more as the public becomes "immune" to more suffering ...?
And from a third angle, one could see it as highly spiritual.
As the use of time disappears from the language ... is it real anyway?