Sunday, July 17, 2011

Physics and the illusion of reality

I had so much fun on YouTube the other day, would like to share some movies on physics and the nature of reality. If you are like me and the physics chip was not installed during construction, yet you still have a craving to find out what is going in this field, these are your movies!
The first one is a BBC documentary, called "The Illusion of Reality", a summary of the developments in physics, brought in an interesting way with beautiful imagery.

The next one is the basic explanation of the M theory for dummies:

Brian Greene explains the Hadron Collider experiment, as it relates to the 11th dimension:

And of course my favorite topic: teleportation:

It is interesting that Michio Kaku mentions DNA: as I see it, there is where we need to look for the answer to find how to teleport.
I love these theories on the internet on wormholes in the DNA ... is that possible?!!! Maybe we need to figure it out first in spirituality (as usual) and then genetics and physics will eventually figure it out ...

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Sandy said...

These all look so good. I'll bookmark this post for when I have time - that is going to happen....time...

but they sure look interesting..I started watching the one with Brian Greene.