Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Ultimate Conspiracy Theory

Of course the israelis have always featured on the front pages of all conspiracy theories. With all the evils going on everywhere they appear, their violent wars against the neighboring countries, their rampant killings and other aggressive behavior that seems to go with them everywhere, as well as consistently ignoring all UN resolutions (etc. etc, the list is endless), nobody believes in peaceful intentions from israeli side any more.
So now the latest wild theories, which I do not know are true or not.
It is posted by Jim Stone.
He states that Japan sold uranium to Iran.
If that is true, then his entire story has quite a bit of solid ground.
Then we have a motif, which I have not yet been able to discover in HAARP theories around Japan. (though that does not exclude that either).
It is also well know and even published in mainstream media at times, that israelis run most of the security stuff in several key institutions, governments, airports, etc. In israeli media we could also read a while back, that eavesdropping equipment is standard built in in the security devices. (This briefly appeared in regular Dutch media, but was quickly removed, guess why ...)
So basically, the israelis are very well informed about what is going on worldwide.
It is also known that they kill anyone who has a different agenda than theirs ... although the numbers of opponents worldwide are growing, even among jews. It is very important to hear jewish voices here, like in Jewish Voice for Peace, just to make clear here that there is a big difference between being jewish and being a zionist.
Given their history, it is easy to see how the zionists would want to tackle Japan.
I wonder if we will ever hear the truth about this, or that it will always remain a story that regular folks know about, like the unbelievable government fairy tales about 9/11 (anyone still asleep on that one?).
Meantime, the nuclear waste has been traveling around the planet several times now and the entire northern hemisphere is highly polluted.
But luckily the EU standards for safety have been drastically adapted, so now it is not a danger any more ...

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