Thursday, July 14, 2011

The unpredictable ways of Art

Lately I haven't had much time to create new artwork, as all my time was devoted to restyling my website and also adding several new pages for the art gallery on
Busy as a bee, so to speak ... :-)
So yes, there was a beautiful day of "bee hunting" with my camera, a lot of fun and I hope to create more products like the postage you can see here.

I just discovered that a new and already favorite program does not work any more, so I need to come up with something new and creative that is also fun ... as you can see the color palette is already here ... :-)
Art is a strange animal ... I often set out to create something and then for some unknown reason it becomes something entirely different ... As a famous Dutch artist used to say: whatever I do, I always end up with fish (my name in Dutch) ... :-)
The image above started as a floating flower ... :-)

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