Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bee Healing

It is well known that the last couple of years the bee population world wide has been in trouble. Especially in the Netherlands they are having a really hard time, also because of the spraying of many pesticides that are forbidden in other countries.
So when I received a call from Vortexhealing® the Netherlands to participate in a project to do healings for bees, I joined.
Also because of some other developments with animals and the latest tool in Vortexhealing®: Angelic Heart.
Immediately after I received the transmission for Angelic Heart in the class, I already felt that something was different: I clearly felt the presence of Knor (Spirit of Cat) energy and the moment I started channeling the energy, the woman I worked on started laughing and could not stop any more ... a distinct sign that Knor energy is present! Also it did not behave as it was supposed to do (recognize the cat characteristics here? :-))
I did not think much about it, until it became obvious that after the class I was mainly receiving calls for animal healings (even though I only offer Reconnective Healing® at the moment).
I suspected that the animals really were looking for the Angelic Heart energy and started experimenting with it. So far the results are striking, even dogs seem fond of it! :-) Originally the energy is not specifically intended to work on physical issues, but it turns out that the knor angels are actually helping with physical issues as well.
So what happened when I started to work on the bees?
This was rather fascinating, as I could "see" quite a bit.
First it started with a "cosmic tune-up": it seemed like the bees were reorienting themselves with regard to the cosmic grid and geomagnetic lines.
Then it was like a whole bunch of new frequencies were added to their system.
But what I found most interesting was that it looked they were not willing to follow a Queen Bee any more ... revolution in the bee hive: after the Arab Spring, now the Bee Hive Spring?
This is important as it may indicate that what is happening in people world wide, could be caused by some external influence that is also affecting animals.
Then the Knor energy jumped in: I saw the toddler knor-angels enter and they really insisted on playing with the bees. :-) In the beginning the bees were not pleased (this is where I realized that the bees are "worker"bees and not naturally playful!). But you know how cats are: they just push softly with their little paw and after that nothing is the same any more ... :-)
I also saw angels working on the wings of the bees ... interesting, as angels know a lot about wings of course ... :-)
The Angelic Heart also worked on the home situation of the bees and their grounding (even for bees a grounding is important!)
So even though I am not doing a "regular" Vortexhealing®, it looks like the transmission has opened up something larger for me that is related to angels and the Spirit of Knor and seems to work well on both people and animals. I haven't made a decision yet as to whether I will be offering this on my website ... keep posted!

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