Tuesday, October 4, 2011

World Animal Day

Lately everywhere I look, there are horses. I realized that they are oftentimes in settings of service to mankind, bordering on abuse or downright abuse. Think of the horses pulling our carts, but also how brave they are in riots, serving the police, the border patrol, often endangering their own health and lives. Think of Hollywood and all the movies of wars and shooting where horses are used.
And of course it does not stop at horses ... all the animals that are eaten by humans ... over 700 animals a lifetime per human ... and all other abuse of and violation of animal rights ...
Anyway, time for change and also time to appreciate the mostly delightful presence of animals in our lives!

I was taking a bicycle trip a few days ago and look who I ran into:

I did not expect this in the neighborhood of Amsterdam, but I was lucky and got invited to come in and talk with the camel. :-) The girl warned me and said the camel was violent and attacking people, but he was just so sweet to me and allowed petting and hugging ... maybe he felt that I have a big soft spot for camels. As far as I know camels are the only animals that can have a foul morning temper ... (I find this quite hilarious). They have a quite strong mind of their own when it comes to what they do want or don't want ... a bit like a cat (knor). But if they like you, you can ride on them, which is an extraordinary experience.

I met so many delightful animals in just one day, they are truly a blessing!

(just sharing a few of them here ... :-))
Wishing you a delightful day with many friendly animals on your path ... and don't forget to honor them!

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