Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What's New?

In nature themes are returning every season, the leaves are falling and then we can expect snow ...
In fashion the colors are also returning, every winter the same black and mauve for clothes (apart from the eternal blue jeans of course ...).
Not so in my online artstore: all year around you can find the most different and fun colors on ever more products:

I created several hundred (!) new customizable products, some of them lines of products with a similar theme.
The images you see here can be found on several different products, some with alterations or adaptations to a specific product. Here are some more examples:
(in the series of the top image),

A very romantic and fully customizable binder.
(wouldn't mind such a design on my rain-proof boots either ... :-))
Now I can't imagine there is not one fashion designer who dares to create a bold new line with for instance coats that are suitable for rain and boots that can withstand snow ... Maybe there is something else going on in the fashion world that prevents affordable good looking clothing to come on the market?
With my current unstoppable inspiration (take advantage of it while it lasts!) I would not mind designing the fabrics for new coats or ... (.)

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