Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Physics and Fractals

One of the most positive and inspiring fields of research is in my eyes physics. Yes, I know, the chip was not installed when I was born, but for some reason I resemble the infamous moth around the flame: it keeps drawing me in. And lately there have been several great documentaries on tv: the search for God with Stephen Hawking (Discovery), the lecture by Brian Cox on subatomic particles (BBC) and last and maybe most inspiring: the world of parallel universes (Discovery). And no, I cannot explain or repeat the details to you ... :-).
It's like the information goes straight to that subatomic level, making everything dance and sing!

Thanks to my friend Thea Walstra, whose art you can find at Zazzle, I have a new and wild inspiration to create fractals. You can find them mostly in my new Zazzle store, annevisdesign.
Many thanks, Thea, for your generous sharing of insights!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Holidays - free ecard!

My Christmas gift to you this year: a free holidays ecard.
Wishing you a delightful time and a magical New Year!

Fake it until you make it!

The concept of "Trompe l'Oeil" has been around forever, but has been given a new incentive by streetart (view a collection of some astounding street art here) and now also in daily life as cover up of empty shops (look at what has been achieved in this project in North Tyneside).
My own art is from a more humble nature (as you can see from the unrelated image of a Christmas picture binder here :-)), but I love to feature here another artist who is great at trompe l'oeil scenery: Janet Shearer.
Another collection of beautiful window scenes (which can have the same effect) can be found on Squidoo.
Art to make you feel good ... something we desperately need in this challenging time!
And having said that: it is nice to create a collection of your own beautiful Christmas pictures and gather them in a binder: after watching what beauty others create, there is no more fun than to create your own beauty or exert your creativity in other fields of life ... Have fun!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Healing: what really works?

We are all familiar with the phrase in regular health care: "You have to learn to live with it".
Very annoying if you get this message and it throws many people straight into the arms of an alternative healer.
However: is the situation in "alternative healing land" any better?
Of course there are good results in both areas of health care, but wouldn't it be nice if we could also help those who seem to get no benefit from what is now available?
Personally Reconnective Healing® seems to work best for me so far: that is: working on other people and on animals.
Reconnective Healing® is in my personal view less suitable to work on your own issues. And despite good results with others, there are always a few people who do not seem to benefit much ...
A good reason to go and explore once again what else is available.
In the course of the years I have explored virtually everything under the sun, much of which you can find in the archives of this blog.
Today I will share some of my latest experiences, which hopefully will help you to find solutions for your own issues too.
So here goes:
Theta Healing®
Although many people report good results, I cannot confirm that. I did not experience any benefit and also did not like the method of working, where the healer has to go out of their body to "get some information from some sphere in heaven". I sometimes get a call from somebody who would be interested in a healing with this method, but from everything I have done, this is probably the only thing that went straight to the bin.

Vortex Healing®
I found this not something to explore in a fortnight, I spent years working with it and took many classes (up to "Core Veil").
To me it is a mixed bag. Some things seem to work, whereas other aspects do not do much for me. However, there is a huge range of tools, so sooner or later you find something that works for you.
If you have a virus, you need to do vortex, I do not know of any other healing method that will actually effectively kill the thing. And then, you need to be lucky to find that vortexhealer who can tackle it well, because not everyone can ( I spent €2000.- to finally find the right healer and release it, as the teachers could not help me with this either!).
(Of course the regular medical profession could not even detect any virus to begin with!)
Anyway, there is a progression in the classes and as you continue, your healing powers will increase, enabling healing in less time than when someone who just starts would do the same thing. Also the number of things you can tackle increases as you get further. I have never felt an inclination to work on others with vortex healing® until I took the Angelic Heart class. This is a collaboration with angels and I have worked on it as a try-out on several people and animals as well now.
It is always nice to see animals respond, as they don't have preconceived ideas about what is happening.
My experience is that a lot of people want to know what exactly is happening during a healing, and with Reconnective Healing® there is no "reading" or "interpretation" of what is going on and this is different in Angelic Heart healing, where (at least speaking for myself) there is more information about where the energy is going or sometimes insights coming through.
Also nice is that Angelic Heart seems to be working in more freedom, there is not much of a protocol, and as far as there is, the energy is doing something else in my hands anyway, so I do not bother with it.
I may have the "cat-version": making people laugh all the time and not obliging to any limitations or rules (like a cat/knor). :-)
The other forms of vortexhealing® all have strict protocols, although you have some freedom to choose between protocols.

M-Energy Healing®
This is a new energy healing, also based on Merlin.
I just last week took the four day class and haven't worked with it on others yet (outside of class format). It is another aspect of Merlin energy, feels different than vortex, and is more free in how it applies (thus more comparable to the angelic heart in vortex, although I have to admit that I do use angelic heart outside of its supposed limitations as taught). M-energy Healing® does not have complicated protocols and can be used for just about anything, which makes it more fun (in my view). Some of its aspects seem to be more penetrating (laser-like) and powerful than vortex, but I need more experience to find it's real power and possibilities.

In the future I may offer either angelic heart, M-energy or something else next to Reconnective Healing®, keep posted! :-)