Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Physics and Fractals

One of the most positive and inspiring fields of research is in my eyes physics. Yes, I know, the chip was not installed when I was born, but for some reason I resemble the infamous moth around the flame: it keeps drawing me in. And lately there have been several great documentaries on tv: the search for God with Stephen Hawking (Discovery), the lecture by Brian Cox on subatomic particles (BBC) and last and maybe most inspiring: the world of parallel universes (Discovery). And no, I cannot explain or repeat the details to you ... :-).
It's like the information goes straight to that subatomic level, making everything dance and sing!

Thanks to my friend Thea Walstra, whose art you can find at Zazzle, I have a new and wild inspiration to create fractals. You can find them mostly in my new Zazzle store, annevisdesign.
Many thanks, Thea, for your generous sharing of insights!

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