Saturday, June 18, 2011

Animal Rights

Sometimes I wonder in what kind of world I have landed ... How is it possible to have a parliament that is discussing if animals that are being killed need to be anaesthetized beforehand or not: a result of (God forbid!) atrocious religious practices.
How is it possible that the anesthetic is an issue, whereas the brutal and violent murdering of animals is apparently considered "normal"?
(I don't like the word "normal". It leaves out life itself, as it freezes everything. Yet it is one of the most used words in Dutch language ...)
The muslims apparently are ignorant of their own teachings, in which nowhere can be found where you are allowed to torture animals, so it is beyond me how they have come to the conclusion that that is the way to do it ...
And then jews ... Sigh.
They think they are allowed to torture animals because they have suffered so much during WW II in the Netherlands that they are now allowed to do anything they want or else ...
(Anyone still follows this? This is a discussion about a law on animal rights, not on jews during WW II ...)
So they are both torturing and murdering animals, which are both in the given circumstances in my book considered as crimes and then top that up with blackmail. Great ... Please feel free to leave the country any time ...

Several members of parliament have expressed on television that they are very sick of the jewish blackmail, verdict on this topic follows next week ... Let them stick to integrity and defend the animal rights!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


This past couple of days have been completely immersed in the Reconnective Healing frequencies. First there was an offer to experience Reconnective Yoga. As I did not have a clear idea about that, I decided to check it out. The venue was in an area where I usually get lost and as nobody in the area seems to speak Dutch nor English (although it is in Amsterdam, the language is Arabic!), I felt very lucky to find an angel on the way there to direct me ... :-)
The yoga classes are basically no different from regular yoga was my experience, and although that was kind of disappointing, I still had a great time.

Then yesterday was Eric Pearl's presentation.
I was not planning to go, as I have already heard him speak on several occasions and also had the opportunity to meet him in person a few times.
But universe had other plans, so I was offered two free tickets as an incentive. (many thanks for that to Eric's staff!).
Instead of bringing a friend, I decided to invite one of my clients, whom I knew would love to go, but did not have the money.
This turned out to be very interesting, we discovered that she found me through a website that I am not on!!! (I am always amazed at how people find me, the strongest story being someone who got lost on his way to my practice location and asked me the way in front of my own house!)
The presentation was wonderful. Eric is such a great speaker and so funny on top of that! I was also impressed when he asked people to stand up if they had difficulty to fully move their arms in all directions and one woman stood up and was asked to show it. It turned out that by just being in the audience she had been healed and nobody was more surprised than herself! Eric's background is chiropractor, and I wonder if that affects his choice for a certain type of disease to do a demonstration (apart from it being very noticeable). Could it be that he has a unique talent for that type of problem, whereas somebody else might have another "specialty"?
Because of all the different demonstrations the last couple of days, I have been confronted once again with the vastly different feeling the supposedly same frequencies induce through different people. Eric says it does not matter who does the healing, but is that true?

Today I found an interesting article on DNA. It talks about new discoveries on how to communicate with DNA. It is apparently quite critical how you interact with your DNA in order for everything to work smoothly. I was wondering if this might also explain why sometimes there is no clearly noticeable effect of a healing. Or could it be that, as some other healing modalities state, the cause of the problem lies in an area that is beyond the scope of the DNA? How much IS exactly determined by DNA?
And what is this about wormholes being INSIDE the DNA??? I would assume that here is a key to teleportation, this is where we connect with other worlds ... how fascinating!

Meantime I am transferring all my paintings to a new website, Bluecanvas, which is a huge amount of work. The image above has not been published yet, you get a preview here! :-)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

On healing and free will

Lately I have added quite a few new products to Zazzle, the image above is just made available on an iPad case.

Meantime the healing work continues and for those of you who are in the Netherlands a short reminder that Eric Pearl is going to be in Amsterdam this coming weekend, giving a lecture on Friday night and then the levels 1,2 and 3 trainings. If you hurry I might just be able to do your personal Reconnection in time! :-)

Then the ongoing discussion as to whether we create our lives or have no free will at all. I just found Michio Kaku's version, which is from the point of Quantum Physics. Enjoy!

If you have trouble seeing it here, you can go to the website: