Monday, August 15, 2011

Awakening 101

When my vortexhealing® teacher started explaining that what I thought was a healing training was actually an awakening lineage, I must confess that I wasn't exactly excited.
In my experience the subject "awakening" was just a lot of talk about nothing.
However, I started to explore anew, very skeptical, but still.
I even managed to read stuff from Eckhart Tolle and watched the videos with Oprah.
Now, a year and a lot of reading and listening later, I must say that Tolle seems to be a manual on how to still improve the story ... very useful if that's what you're looking for, but has nothing to do with awakening i.m.h.o.
I had already studied Byron Katie earlier, and although I get the impression that she is actually "real", the work never did it for me. It was just another mental exercise. A friend of mine explained that Byron Katie had discovered "the work" AFTER she got enlightened, and it seems like that is a crucial note. Something energetic needs to happen with the work and when it does, it is wonderful. I loved her book "A thousand names for joy".
I also attended meetings with Adyashanti a couple of times as well as listened to his talks online.
My vortex teachers speak very highly of him and I made a real effort to get what he was saying.
However, it just went one ear in, the other out ... Sometimes it seems like he says something interesting, but the next moment I have forgotten it again already ...
I think I finally know why this is: there is somebody who thinks to have to teach a state of being to other somebodies ... in other words: there is something to get for the "me" or as some people refer to as ego (don't like the word). And thus the teaching reinforces the ego actually!
I did not come up with this insight myself: I went to Tony Parsons in Amsterdam this past weekend, which was just awesome! It was like coming home, so confrontational, so inspiring, so joyful and absolutely hopeless all at the same time! Revolutionary ... And so absolutely funny, I haven't been laughing as much in ages ... Finally the real deal.
No, I am not "awake" ... and the awful news is that I cannot do anything about it ... :-)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Art

Summer time ... time to go fishing ... :-)
(just kidding, as a vegetarian I would of course not recommend it ...
however obviously my kitty/knor friends have a different
take on that ... :-))) The image above is called "Dinner Time!".

I haven't taken much time for a vacation this year, it seems like I even have difficulty to tear myself away from the computer as a lot of inspiration is flowing in ... Inspiration for an artist is always crucial of course and can never be taken for granted: it requires a follow-up in the sense of perspiration ... :-)

I created a lot of new products for Zazzle, like these sunrise fridge magnets ... a great way to start the day!

Meantime the ultimate pastime for new agers in summer:
the housewives tarot! Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face! :-)
Enjoy a wonderful summer!